On Hold




Yanamarie Foster has no emotions. None. Nada. Nope. She wouldn't try to feel even if she could--sure, she lives life as an empty shell, but being a shell is better than being a hormonal idiot. Right? Or at least, that was right until she befriends Libitina Martinez, a girl who asks her to show her ... more info

Story about: first love, school, lgbtq

On Hold: 02 May 90 pages
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Rating: 9

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A Collection of Short Stories


There are four short stories thus far. Prompt one: A strange light appeared in the sky. A story of a young girl who is forced to leave her home. Prompt two: Reunion. Thirteen-year-old Sloan goes to find her birth mother. Prompt Three: Rivalry. Alice and the Mad Hatter both own hat shops across the s... more info

Story about: fiction, short story, fairytale retelling

On Hold: 09 Sep 17 pages
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Rating: 4

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Elliot has always known his life was normal. He knew it always would be. But after meeting Noah, he can't help but notice the unusual situation Noah has been trapped in. That's how he ended up looking for someone that couldn't be found. Ruelle's attachment is limited; but seeing Charlyze makes her ... more info

Story about: romance, suspense mystery, lgbt

On Hold: 11 Mar 35 pages
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Rating: 5

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