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Christy Cisson



Posted: 21.10.21 17:18:01

Good afternoon my followers and readers. I will be taking down Mafia Entanglement and Playing with Fire very soon. If you have not had the chance to read it then please do so in the next week before it is removed. Thank you for everyone who has purchased this book and read it over the last several months, the book is headed for bigger and better things now. Read more...

Posted: 27.07.21 17:01:48

Good morning my readers! I was hoping for some help with one of my newest stories called You Will Be Mine. Please help me reach the 100 reader goal so that this book can be entered into the newest contest about forbidden love. Thank you for everyone who support my books, giving me likes, comments or awards on how well they like each book. I am still coming up with new ones everyday but only writing Read more...
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