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Маїра Цибуліна 11.11.2020, 16:18:20

You would be very welcomed, DEAR READER, to read my story “Starving from love”.
Asya has just left the school and her world changed so abruptly. Her father returned home after many years of absence. Asya hated him so much because she couldn’t forgive him for his escape after her mother’s death.
The girl entered the university and move to Donetsk. That huge city makes her fear it because she lived in a small village where there were no even traffic lights. It was a very little, cozy place where she lived with her aunt. Asya was so wild girl that she even doesn’t have a phone because of her poverty.
And here her life became to look like a crazy American roller coaster! Two men, the most desirable grooms of the city fell in love with her: an angel with white hair and blue eyes and a demon with black, long hair and brown eyes. Whom she would choose?

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