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Deepika kapparapu



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Unstoppableday dreamer
18.02.2023, 16:53:23

Hi deepika I read your story it was awesome so if you have time pls check out my story mr perfect weds ms tomboy and let me know your views regarding it

Deepika kapparapu
22.02.2023, 14:14:07

Unstoppableday dreamer, If you like can we follow each other.

Rida Shoukat
21.02.2023, 10:22:04

I'm a emerging writer on this platform and I happen to notice you are also ew here.
How about supporting each other by following and give shotout on each other work?
It would be of great help for letting our presence reach to a large audience.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Deepika kapparapu
22.02.2023, 14:10:50

Rida Shoukat, Hi
I would love to.
Thanks for your invitation

Fantasia Swan
07.12.2022, 19:53:43

Hlo dear ! Can we follow each other ?

Fantasia Swan
04.02.2023, 03:50:34

Deepika kapparapu, Hey dear ! Please check out my new book ," Be, my Valentine . I am participating in the contest . Your support may be helpful for me !

Ria Summer
14.12.2022, 08:46:26

Hi, can I invite you to read my books and follow my account? Thank you!

Ria Summer
15.12.2022, 15:46:54

Deepika kapparapu, you're welcome and thank you also for accepting my invite.

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