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Ann G
21.09.2022, 17:51:05

Hi! Would you give my series a chance?
THE LAND BELOW OUR FEET is quite different from the usual storyline here, totally FREE, steamy, already completed, and it has two whole books!
My other series: CRASHING AND BURNING is contemporary romance, also steamy and it has four books as well... They are all FREE!

26.06.2022, 15:52:22

Hello Edith! I hope you are doing great. Kindly check out my book WITNESSED BY THE MOON. Please follow me as well and i will sincerely appreciate your likes and comments.

26.06.2022, 15:51:55

Hello Edith! I hope you are doing great. Kindly check out my book WITNESSED BY THE MOON. Please follow me as well and i will sincerely appreciate your likes and comments.

Good afternoon, dear reader!
For your reading, let me offer you my FREE, COMPLETED love story, “Mask for a Ballerina”.

She is a professional ballerina dancing on the stage of a nightclub and hiding her face under a mask.
Character # 1 – “Casanova”, who, without seeing the dancer's face, falls in love with her at first sight.
Character # 2 is a successful entrepreneur who treats the female gender with a certain degree of cynicism. But still, he did not remain indifferent when he saw the mysterious dancer on stage.
Which man can get the acceptance of the mysterious masked girl?
А happy ending story


Good luck! And I will be happy to see you among my readers.

O.J Ebubeoha
10.12.2021, 09:46:03

Hello Honey,
I want to appreciate you for sticking with me through my ups and downs here on booknet. You're the reason I come back to write here and I do want you to keep having faith in me.

That said, I want to Introduce my latest short story and dark mafia novel to you.

Accidentally Yours For Christmas: https://booknet.com/en/book/accidentally-yours-for-christmas-b366822?_lnref=8luib42n

Mafia's Subjugates: https://booknet.com/en/book/mafias-subjugates-b367240?_lnref=8luib42n

Please give it a read, like and comment

Thank you so much.

O.J Ebubeoha
30.10.2021, 10:42:09

Hello Honey, Nice to meet you here on Booknet.

I am Jane and I write romance novels and erotica shorts here on booknet, and I would love to connect with you as a reader. I urge you to please give two of my books a try.

IGNITED PASSIONS: https://booknet.com/en/book/ignited-passions-b342008?_lnref=8luib42n

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Farheen shah
07.09.2021, 09:54:20

Hey beautiful its farheen here. Can you check out my books. One is completed and another is ongoing. Euphoria... the new beginning (completed) loving you is a losing game (ongoing) Hope you'll like the contents. And if you enjoy my books please do follow and like it. It'll encourage me(人 •͈ᴗ•͈) thank you have a good day and stay healthy and safe.

Edith Ogbuwawa Kelvin
13.08.2021, 19:58:09

Keep up the good work of writing and updating, the stories are beautiful

Anna Lane
13.08.2021, 16:36:45

Hi there! Thank you so much for following my page. It's much appreciated I hope you'll find my stories interesting. I love to hear what you think of them.

Xo Anna