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If you like to read stories, that will make you laugh and cry at the same time you can definitely read my books. I



Tahira Iman and a Parasite

Farzana Tutul

'No, Tahira. This is not a child. This is a parasite and it will kill you slowly.' Tahira removed his hands from her face and said,' You..You..are not thinking straight, Iman.' Then she touched his face and said affectionately,' Look, I know , you are overwhelmed. And, maybe you are also terrifie... more info

Story about: pregnancy and billionaire, loveaftermarriage, billioniare doctor and a divorcee

Ongoing: 07 Oct 18 pages
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Rating: 91

#352 in Romance
#185 in Billionaires


Still waiting for you

Farzana Tutul

She was caught in the middle between him and the wall. Despite her fear, she did her hardest not to show him that she was terrified by him. Her heart fell as she peered into his eyes. His beautiful eyes had gone crimson, absolutely empty and dead. His brow furrowed in rage. He seemed so angry and ou... more info

Story about: love aacceptance forgiveness, marriage separation and baby secret, love betrayal and healing

Ongoing: 01 Oct 33 pages
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Rating: 56

#219 in Romance
#59 in Contemporary Romance


Close Yet Far

Farzana Tutul

'Api, it will be better if you stay out of this matter. This is between me and my wife. ' He said and grabbing Meherunnisa's hand he left. He didn't even wait for Ayesha to say anything. He dragged Nisa along with him to the hotel room. She was silently sobbing. He stood right in front of her.'Why a... more info

Story about: insecure girl, loveaftermarriage, loveandsecrets

Ongoing: 25 Sep 53 pages
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Rating: 30

#733 in Romance
#18 in Short stories


When the love falls (short story completed)

Farzana Tutul

'I want a divorce, Saana.' Sana's steps came to a halt. She couldn't take another step since she couldn't feel the ground beneath her feet. She froze in place. Hamza didn't stop talking.' I have fallen in love with someone else. And, I can never cheat on you. So, I have thought we should separate. I... more info

Story about: love and family, love and faith, divorce and finding love

Complete 24 pages
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Rating: 71

#1118 in Romance
#270 in Contemporary Romance