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Pooja Roy Bagchi
09.06.2021, 07:02:29

Hi I'm a writer and I hereby invite you to read my 2nd book
Highly ambitious, straightforward,
and no space for nonsense that's the way Eva Blue is . who only loves her work and gives all her time to her business.....
But..... what will happen when she crosses her path with her Business Rival with a charming personality, Zack Westwood who keep on sticking around her for her attention ??
What happens when they both are selected for a tough competition to present their business projects. .....
Or my 1st book Forbidden Princess


O.J Ebubeoha
29.04.2021, 06:04:21

Hello dear, I am Miss Jane and It's Nice to Meet you here on booknet
I am a new author here and I would love you to connect with you. Please check out my new books Enthralled by You and Screwed After Dark.
I would appreciate your likes and comment. Also follow me for more updates.
Thank you very much.

14.02.2021, 15:12:59

https://booknet.com/book/311091 Please check my book ' I LOVE YOU INFINITY' High school mafia story with a strong female character. It will help me if you like and comment on my book. Please reply
Thankyou and sorry if disturbed you

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