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Hidden in the Shadows: Book One

Olivia Gordon Reid

Fifteen-year-old Renee Patterson lives a pretty normal life, except she can see weird things all around her. Unexplainable things. Supernatural things. When no one reacts to them, she starts to think that she's going crazy. However, when she meets two new, mysterious girls on the first day of school... more info

Story about: magic, coming of age, battles

Complete 73 pages
1073 197 13

Rating: 13

#43 in Fantasy
#1 in Action fantasy
#37 in Mystery
#20 in Supernaturals


The golden Flame


ISABELL AVERY a girl with a flame burning inside. She's the girl with powerful magic living in the world with humans. she loves a boy who is human. she finds out where she truly belongs, unleashed her power.came to know her true parents, and came through many obstacles, stayed strong, powerful and b... more info

Story about: romance fantasy, fantasy world

Complete 97 pages
904 81 13

Rating: 8

#44 in Fantasy
#2 in Action fantasy


Arc Blazers Year one

A story for everyone

Four kids inherit talismens from their parents. They must band together to end the war. Up against a common threat they work together to over come there many challenges. Together they can create a power greater than any other. For if they fail it will the end of everything we know and love. ... more info

Story about: war

Complete 24 pages
1849 12 4

Rating: 1

#66 in Fantasy
#4 in Action fantasy
#4 in Epic fantasy


Guardians' Destiny - Kathrinna

Yohiner Moreno

On a day that seems to follow the daily routine, a small event will take Egios through a journey in the company of a mysterious woman, going through deep caverns, accursed forests and strange cult that pursues them... but who is she really? Is she being honest with him? What hides that box that she ... more info

Story about: mystery, adventure, vampire

Complete 322 pages
69331 282 20

Rating: 10

#72 in Fantasy
#5 in Action fantasy
#6 in Epic fantasy


Hidden in the Shadows: Book Three

Olivia Gordon Reid

Six months after fighting in the Century Battle and finally defeating Princess Gwendolyn, Renee Patterson is on a new mission—to take down a dangerous, notorious gang of supernaturals. And the best way to do that is to become a part of the gang. Because you should keep your friends close, and your... more info

Story about: magic, coming of age, battles

Ongoing: 05 Aug 5 pages
34 12 0

Rating: 3

#62 in Mystery
#27 in Supernaturals
#77 in Fantasy
#6 in Action fantasy


Hidden in the Shadows: Book Two

Olivia Gordon Reid

Picked up right after the events of book one, Renee Patterson, teenage agent of the United States Magical Creatures Council, awaits her fate after letting the vampire princess Gwendolyn Redgrave escape from her prison cell. When she nearly gets fired dozens of times, Renee thinks she has it bad—un... more info

Story about: magic, coming of age, battles

Complete 103 pages
779 131 1

Rating: 8

#71 in Mystery
#31 in Supernaturals
#86 in Fantasy
#7 in Action fantasy


shamrock heros


The year is 2025 and Mankind is about to enter its next stage in evaluation on December 25th a young girl was born under difficult circumstances 5 more children were born the same way, because of this they were given unique abilities. prof James and his butler collects these children to protect them... more info

Story about: read the description

Ongoing: 11 Aug 11 pages
84 4 2

Rating: 1

#33 in Science fiction
#243 in Fantasy
#25 in Action fantasy


Generation One


Depleted, challenged, losing control; Ohmlur finds that he has allocated too much privilege to a once-trustworthy assistant. Desperate to identify and redefine his purpose, Ermun agrees to assist in the process of re-empowerment, along with exposing Ohmlur's latest, unique species to his home ter... more info

Story about: historical fiction, fantasy realism, action and adventure

Complete 223 pages
752 52 2

Rating: 4

#271 in Fantasy
#33 in Epic fantasy
#32 in Action fantasy


Haven: The Story of Lightning

Roger Alderman

On the magical island of Haven, Lightning the young and reckless unicorn struggles to define who he is before he can become the leader his people need him to be. Lightning must overcome a coup, led by the people his family had protected for a millennium. "Haven: The Story of Lightning" is a fast-pac... more info

Story about: fantasy world, magical animals, magical creatures

Complete 79 pages
747 54 0

Rating: 2

#297 in Fantasy
#33 in Action fantasy
#35 in Epic fantasy


There’s Magic in the Air

Kira L. Smith

The day that Coco gets an Alebrije has finally arrived! However, the fun doesn't last long. Ernesto de la Cruz and a familiar someone have gotten their hands on magic which means trouble for the Rivera family.... more info

Story about: coco, disney, pixar

Ongoing: 18 Jul 6 pages
174 8 1

Rating: 1

#41 in Fanfiction
#11 in Movies Fanfiction
#300 in Fantasy
#34 in Action fantasy

Recently Updated

A Librarian and His Demon

RJ Greene

A collection of short stories featuring a librarian and his demon. Egan is a librarian who has has taken on the responsibility of guarding and collecting ancient books of magic, prophecy, mythology and artifacts not just from this world, but others as well. Through his adventures, he encounters a st... more info

Story about: demons, friendship, supernatural

Complete 169 pages
3273 112 36

Rating: 14

#357 in Fantasy
#42 in Action fantasy


The Land of the Unknown

Celeste I.

A school field trip gone wrong, two friends, Tommy and Antonio, come across an underground laboratory while exploring and sneaking into the caverns at night. After a bit of scuffle with another intruder, a girl named Maggie, the three activated a portal, which sucked them right in. When the trio... more info

Story about: survival, adventure, dinosaurs

Complete 237 pages
4392 330 57

Rating: 29

#56 in Action & Adventures
#412 in Fantasy
#48 in Action fantasy


Hades Untold

Cherine Olivier

A myth, a legend, a story as old as time, what could possibly be told that hasn’t been heard once before? The ruler of hell, master of the underworld, sovereign to the dead, what more could there be to this being? What if Hades wasn’t the burly gruff male the myths tell of but a small feminine w... more info

Story about: greek mythology, myths, hades

Complete 23 pages
1552 85 23

Rating: 17

#468 in Fantasy
#51 in Action fantasy
#275 in Short stories


The Misadventures of a Young Dark Magician

Celeste I.

A world unlike our own, monsters disguised as humans, attend a magic academy to learn spells from all kinds of sources, to choose a path towards good or evil. Benjamin is a young dark magician who, along with his familiars Harry and Chi-Chi, attends the school in hopes of becoming a great villain a... more info

Story about: magic school, magician, misadventures

Complete 173 pages
2786 61 34

Rating: 12

#538 in Fantasy
#66 in Action fantasy


Under the Shadow of Night

David Rauenzahn

Eron's home, Ma'ro, has been destroyed by demons that he unknowingly summoned into the Material World; Xanenax, the Left Hand of Lucifer, finds Eron while investigating the aftermath, and takes the boy as an apprentice. They will need one another to survive the days to come, for the Xanenax's author... more info

Story about: angels and demons, bildungsroman, young adult

Complete 355 pages
4471 55 0

Rating: 3

#541 in Fantasy
#65 in Epic fantasy
#67 in Action fantasy


The Heart of the Dragon


When Angela Brighton is offered an opportunity of a lifetime to travel to an island with her friends and a wealthy explorer and his son, she accepts and can't help but wonder what adventures she'll have. But when their private jet crashes onto a mysterious island that isn't their destination, all fe... more info

Story about: dragons, hybrids

Complete 141 pages
19726 131 13

Rating: 12

#543 in Fantasy
#68 in Action fantasy
#1161 in Romance


Imelda in Wonderland

Kira L. Smith

Alice and Imelda may be completely different characters, but that didn't stop me from making this fanfic! I thought I'd get creative. Don't worry, I made sure to keep Imelda in character as much as possible. In this fanfic, Imelda winds up in Wonderland and comes across strange and wacky characters ... more info

Story about: disney, pixar, coco

Complete 10 pages
1262 56 2

Rating: 6

#568 in Fantasy
#74 in Action fantasy
#70 in Fanfiction
#16 in Movies Fanfiction


Devata of the Silver Lance Book 1: Wanderer

AC Coldphoenix

A warrior who lost his memory of his past and living far away from his world. Now, a priestess in need of saving will summon the most powerful hero. A man who must discover his past to discover his true self and the power that was locked inside of him. A woman who must forget her past in order to ac... more info

Story about: fantasy gods, action and adventure, martial arts

Ongoing: 11 Jul 101 pages
1711 53 27

Rating: 6

#608 in Fantasy
#77 in Epic fantasy
#82 in Action fantasy


The 4 Sigils - Book One: Winter's Malice

Kirisame Reflet

Four sigils, encompassing the Four Fiends born from the malice of a warlock. Nine decades has passed since the war against the Four Fiends, and the realm of Almina knew peace since then. It was wintertime in the realm, and the small, humble village of Melunia are preparing for a feast every Jan... more info

Story about: adventure, fantasy, winter

Ongoing: 10 Jul 151 pages
5391 57 29

Rating: 15

#747 in Fantasy
#105 in Action fantasy
#98 in Epic fantasy


Siena (forestfolk, Book 1)

Zoe Blessing

Siena can heal wounds with a touch of her hands. A captive since birth, she is used as a tool of war by a Plainsmen tribe. A chance escape into the forest proves successful... and deadly. Rescued by the Forestfolk—people she always thought were bedtime stories—Siena remains on edge. Trust does n... more info

Story about: coming of age, powers, adventure

Complete 135 pages
8100 55 15

Rating: 6

#421 in Young adult
#750 in Fantasy
#107 in Action fantasy

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