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Books in the genre of Action thriller

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Book cover "Madly In Love "
SHE was kind hearted, innocent girl who came from small town to big city just to complete her study and get a job but guess what fate was not her side,when she face her nightmare HE is nothing but a mystery to everyone he is cold and ruthless and he wanted REVENGE ____________________________ "...
18 989
In progress: 30 Jan
118 pp.
Book cover "Secrets Kill "
One Throne, Two Kings. If there's something everyone knows What Massimo wants, he gets and what Leonardo loves, he owns. But what would happen when the love of Leonard becomes Massimo's passion ? As love blooms, secrets unveil and betrayal burns all in the midst of a Mafia war for power,...
Story about: romance, abduction, mafia
40 536
62 pp.
Book cover "Wild Desires "
So it is rightly said, everything doesn't occur precisely as it should be. You may have the best plans laid out but none of that will work without trust, certainty, destiny, and predetermination. Life can be just wonderful if treated with fairness and kindness. Therefore, do not take it for grant...
10 676
156 pp.
Book cover "The Nasty Consequence"
There are no such things as minor secrets…. Detective Nathan Camshron is about to learn it hard way when an Embassy member of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ul Haq, gets murdered in 4th July behind the curtain of canceled conference in White House. This catapults Nathan Camshron into sequences of deadly...
Story about: conspiracy, murder, detectives
4 007
132 pp.
Book cover "A Blood Stained 'i Do'"
All is not as it seems in this action suspense. What happens when an 'innocent blind girl' marries an assassin? For the sake of friendship, Joshua agrees to marry best friend Raymond's blind girlfriend Julia without her knowledge, just so he can buy him time to get out of his arranged marriage. But ...
52 432
213 pp.
Book cover "Cold but Charming"
Flashes of graves, blood , knife , then darkness decended, she was panting hard , sweat soaked her entire being as she shook with extremities.. dog barks filled her ear drum, just beyond her field of vision the atmosphere she was became tense and menacing .. With loud breath, thudding...
Story about: love, action, suspence
3 236
In progress: 26 Dec
224 pp.
Book cover "Our Cute Love-Hate Relationship "
Falling in love wasn't Tara's mistake, but falling in love with Ayaan Khan was her biggest mistake. Same goes for Ayaan Khan, Ayaan and Tara are deeply in love and want to spend  the rest of their lives together, but their fathers  who once used to be best friends are now rivals.   Ayaan promis...
Story about: revenge, loveandhate, pakistani
11 379
29 pp.
Book cover "Cor'elette"
Ana has done it, she's left for the Middle East and after landing in the desert she is having second thoughts, that is until she met Staff Sgt. Cor'elette. Things begin to get a bit more complicated as she attempts to follow orders and administer to those who are caught up in the turbulence of war....
1 440
1480 pp.
Book cover "Moon"
New tenant moon has to prove himself to his neighbors when a dangerous criminal is on the loose and he becomes the number one suspect....
Story about: crime fiction
In progress: 07 Dec
22 pp.
Book cover "The Rebel (plane 47)"
Upon this world in the city of Washington D.C. a powerful Mafia crime family within their hands not only dances the city, but the entire world as well. However, while all hope seems lost in darkness the light of hope arises in the form of the prince. This boy shall now stand with society against his...
Story about: crime, family, mafia
26 pp.
Book cover "Astronomicon 1: The Beginning"
Three Spacecraft, two-hundred-and-forty colonists, twenty-five trillion miles and a discovery that changes everything. Astronomicon: The Beginning follows the human race's intrepid first steps into interstellar space, a colonisation mission to Proxima Centauri. The colossal distance and har...
30 131
351 pp.
Book cover "The Man with the Missing Fingers"
After five robbers turn the scene of a heist into a bloody war zone and vanish in the wind with millions of dollars and a precious dagger, their victim, a powerful jewel magnate, calls in a man who goes only by the name of Scarr. His mission is simple: Track the robbers down and pay them back. But m...
Story about: antihero, gunfight, thieves
29 685
236 pp.
Book cover "The Manifest"
Years after a mysterious plane crash, a woman feared dead is spotted at an anti-war rally. A private investigator named Edgar Willis is hired onto the case, however, he must abandon his virtues after learning of the real destiny of the airplane. As Edgar realizes a conspiracy in the crash, life and ...
14 903
247 pp.
Book cover "The Portal "
David Jones thought he was normal until he discovered that his family has been keeping a secret from him his entire life. He learned that his father's side of the family can and has been doing something that no one else can: travel through time....
Story about: time travel, family, justice
7 144
152 pp.
Book cover "Knifebullet"
Nevarez has come for discussing a kidnapping with his fellow hitman – El Viking. But they don’t know they are going to be target of abduction. El Viking had been waiting for this day for his entire life but the sudden kidnapping has pushed his plans out of reach. Matter hasn’t gone out of El V...
Story about: murder, cartel, gangster
2 347
142 pp.
Book cover "Suffering"
This story revolves around a girl named Alexandra Mathew, who became a Mafia member due to her financial crisis. She had to look after her two brothers Hawk and Liam. Until one day she met Bruce Harrison who tried to force her to fall in love with her. It took her a while to get out of his love trap...
Story about: mafia boss, sacrifice, gangsters
5 788
143 pp.
Book cover "Convicted: A Sequel To Uncovered"
This book is a Sequel to Uncovered Detective Clara, still in recovery stage after her near-death experience with The Swift and his crew, finds it difficult to move on from the experience that changed her entire life, causing serious psychological struggles for her. Clara is barely hanging on, ...
1 494
27 pp.
Book cover "The Dark Forest"
this is first writing a complete story so I've decided to keep it short. tell me how it is......
Story about: about a forest
4 pp.
Book cover "Corporate Ethics. Book One"
Major cities are divided into corporate sectors, which are ruled by Corporations - players of the Global Market. They set the rules, keep order, look after their employees. And they are constantly at war with each other. Experienced hackers break into databases, steal information and resources. M...
Story about: corporate wars, hackers, cyborgs
77 pp.
Book cover "Untethered"
Amoura is a human, but being Moonkissed made her more than that. Mated to the second last living descendant of the Originals, one of Five Alphas that had been the first of the werewolf specie, it's not a surprise that fate had their tale, A mayhem written in stone. She was found by Maximus wh...
2 233
187 pp.
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