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The Pack Doctor

Constance Marounta

Max Kinsky is 18 training to succeed his father as the pack doctor. In contrast to his cousin and best friend,Patrick -the soon to be Alpha- he is no looking forward to a mate. Knowing his ageing process is slower and his life expectancy is much greater than that of normal humans he is not eager to ... more info

Story about: love, werewolf, soulmate

Ongoing: 25 Jul 275 pages
51246 1256

Rating: 177

#5 in Fantasy
#68 in Romance
#1 in Paranormal Romance

1.49 USD

My Cruel World

Maha Noor Malik

Caroline is a woman who is always abused by her father. One day when her father was abusing her on the streets Alexander, a billionaire, rescues her. He takes care of her and makes him her wife but he never shares the same room with her. But despite that she falls in love with him. Caroline finds... more info

Story about: tragedy, sad love , happy ending

Complete 209 pages
165180 1062

Rating: 205

#82 in Romance
#51 in Billionaires
#6 in Fantasy


Forbidden Love

Kiran Sahani

Roselyn Carter whose life was so cheerful as a normal girl until one accident which changes her life completely. Meet Sebastian Orlando, a prince of Mandonia kingdom who came back to his home after 20 years only to be shocked by his father's words. Let's see what happens when they meet each oth... more info

Story about: royal romance prince and a normal girl

Ongoing: 29 Jul 70 pages
8777 452

Rating: 62

#98 in Romance
#27 in Contemporary Romance
#7 in Fantasy
#2 in Romantic fantasy


My nerd Husband


"You have to marry him Ahira"This words echoed inside my mind.My dad Rahim Ahuja the billionaire is marrying me to a guy who doesn't even have a identity.I have locked myself in my room from past 6 hours hoping my dad would reconsider his decision but it seems impossible. Follow this story of Ahira... more info

Story about: haters turn to lovers, mafia and action

Ongoing: 29 Jul 39 pages
2495 285

Rating: 33

#117 in Romance
#75 in Billionaires
#8 in Fantasy
#1 in Action fantasy


Royally Screwed

Amina Yusuf Dalhatu

Century:18 An old tradition of Kaura village situated in Zaria where a girl must stop her education and get married at the age of 15 There is a girl, who doesn't support that And there is a king, who hates people who disobey and question the rules of his kingdom An ordinary girl and a Kin... more info

Story about: love, love betrayal cheating revenge, love romance

Ongoing: 28 Jul 74 pages
5618 252

Rating: 34

#10 in Fantasy
#158 in Romance

1.99 USD

In the arms of a Demon

Angelica Reu

Amelia Martins is helping children in an orphanage in her town. But one day a businessman wants to buy it and all the kids will have to search for a new home. Amelia is not going to let it happen, she will do everything to protect orphan children. She is determined to meet the businessman and convin... more info

Story about: demon, demon and human, dark past pregnancy suspense

Complete 101 pages
94162 1663

Rating: 601

#17 in Fantasy
#4 in Romantic fantasy


Perennial Essence

Eshna Sharma

Get ready to experience the drama of a teen romance, that starts with long and happening events. Will she recover from what she will be told? Will she ever believe the alternate world that exists right in front of her? Welcome to the ongoing series of thrill, horror, supernatural and romantic seri... more info

Story about: dark romace, a supernatural mystery, paranormal vampire darkromance

Ongoing: 27 Jul 63 pages
5384 288

Rating: 37

#233 in Romance
#5 in Paranormal Romance
#16 in Fantasy
#8 in Dark fantasy


Who is the bride?

Soft Books

Lia is a 24 year old girl who is happily leaving in her town with her grandmother. But her life takes a drastic turn when she meets Brandon who tells her to be his missing sister for some time untill she returns but the problem is, sister of Brandon is engaged to the Mr.James Watson. Let's join the ... more info

Story about: billionaire man, billianiare romance, bride switch

Complete 140 pages
92842 1134

Rating: 170

#236 in Romance
#137 in Billionaires
#18 in Fantasy
#5 in Romantic fantasy

1.49 USD

His Cursed Mistress

Valerie Sax

She was kidnapped, tortured, and abused for saving the man she fell in love with. And now she found herself lost once again as she tried to find out her new identity. Is she going to accept the new beast growling inside her? Or she will reject it. She developed new powers where her dreams come tr... more info

Story about: lovestory, mystery thriller, werewolf alpha and mate

Ongoing: 28 Jul 185 pages
9058 282

Rating: 134

#21 in Fantasy
#6 in Romantic fantasy
#13 in Mystery
#9 in Romantic mystery


My Dear Devil

miss paik

''hey, you come here.'' Robin Steve most handsome lad in the whole university asked Jenna White to stop where she was. ''he'll bully me again'' Jenna whispered in his mouth and ignored him like he even doesn't exists. ''you, brat! i asked you to come here.'' he shouted and got on the way to catch ... more info

Story about: college love, hate love story, junior senior romance

Ongoing: 28 Jul 16 pages
423 70

Rating: 9

#251 in Romance
#16 in New Adult & College
#22 in Fantasy
#7 in Romantic fantasy

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Billionaire's wife


Nishant Mehta is CEO of Mehta groups of company. He is very rich and famous business tycoon. He's natural is not calm he is aggressive rude business minded person. He is eligible bachelor. But still he find her school friend. Which is now disconnected with him because of time. And the other hand ish... more info

Story about: billionaire love, billianoire romance, billionaire finding true love

Ongoing: 27 Jul 91 pages
10209 397

Rating: 36

#257 in Romance
#149 in Billionaires
#23 in Fantasy
#8 in Romantic fantasy

1.99 USD

Alpha Charming

Lisa Muller

A wedding photographer accepts a job to photograph a werewolf wedding and turns out to be one’s mate. When the opportunity of a lifetime presented itself, Ashlyn was quick to catch the first flight to Scotland to photograph the wedding of a prestigious family of Dukes and Duchesses. What she did... more info

Story about: werewolf alpha and mate, werewolf and human, werewolf king mate

Complete 146 pages
50421 639

Rating: 164

#299 in Romance
#6 in Paranormal Romance
#28 in Fantasy
#10 in Romantic fantasy


Kissed by Mistake

Niharika Nafisa

Her eyes shot up, gawking at the guy who was consuming her lips in the middle of the football court, surrounded by more than a thousand people. Before she could feel the kiss, she grasped the consequences of it. ~~~~~~~ Impregnated by an Alpha and mated to another Alpha could be the reasons for Ha... more info

Story about: werewolf, mate, campusromance

Ongoing: 29 Jul 6 pages
152 62

Rating: 33

#30 in Fantasy
#1 in Urban fantasy
#319 in Romance
#21 in New Adult & College


A Chosen Princess.


A girl from Village with big dreams. Not a princess to rule but circumstances changed her fate. It's not easy to live her dream. At a very young age, she learnt the meaning of life. She knows no fairytale is real. Every stage of her life made her strong. She lived hiding her identity. She is not in ... more info

Story about: romance and mystery, runaway princess, marriage deal

Ongoing: 23 Jul 660 pages
23891 485

Rating: 65

#37 in Fantasy
#15 in Romantic fantasy
#369 in Romance


His love

Neppi Sue

"Since you're already mine, struggling is pointless," he said tracing a finger down her nape. His free arm was draped around her waist pulling her agaisnt him. She bit her lower lip and he smirked. Sapphire is an innocent, strong willed girl who's often mistaken to be meek. She is forced to marry... more info

Story about: vampire, contract marriage, vampire and human romance

Complete 121 pages
58203 1132

Rating: 177

#372 in Romance
#38 in Fantasy


The Khal's Bride

Junes Martha

Hamis, the only child of a potter is called the village beauty. The men swoon over her, and the girls envy her. In addition to her beauty, she is an untamable wild soul thirsty for knowledge and adventure. Her remarkable nature does not go well with her suitors trying to woo her especially during a ... more info

Story about: historical fantasy, historicalfiction, lovestory

Complete 127 pages
1451 44

Rating: 3

#420 in Romance
#5 in Historical Romance
#46 in Fantasy


My Blue Moon Wolf

Onome Gift

Please guys this is my first book, hope you like it. Please cooment on it.Thanks Daisy Joshua a human girl who wants to be a writer had an experience with a pack of wolves who almost attacked her and her friends, but she was saved by another wolf who have a blue moon eyes. Three years lat... more info

Story about: werewolf, hunters, human girl

Complete 124 pages
8605 124

Rating: 25

#471 in Romance
#11 in Paranormal Romance
#54 in Fantasy
#23 in Romantic fantasy


Beautiful Beast

Mari AA

A Royal Werewolf family stays at the beautiful abandoned castle. No one really cares to pay attention to the ruined castle at the outskirts of their town, it is a rather scary-looking place at night and a pack of dangerous wild wolves has taken over the place. Well, that is what it appears to the h... more info

Story about: beauty and the beast, werewolf vampire hybrid, supernatural and romance

Complete 101 pages
25097 381

Rating: 66

#49 in Fantasy
#19 in Romantic fantasy
#21 in Mystery
#4 in Supernaturals


Come Love A Stranger

Goodness Shadrach

Mariah never thought that one day her perfect life wouldn’t be so perfect anymore. Who would have expected that her father, the King’s special adviser would one day be accused of trying to kill the king and take his place? But even though no one thought that, it happened and her family became... more info

Story about: romance, supernatural, mystic being

Ongoing: 16 Jul 70 pages
6262 281

Rating: 68

#22 in Mystery
#5 in Supernaturals
#53 in Fantasy
#22 in Romantic fantasy


When A Witch Falls In Love

Barnali Bhuiya

Mike Adler, a rude, arrogant heir of Adler enterprise. Handsome, a notorious playboy, who doesn't care about anything in the world. He's a human. Angela, a 19 years old Witch. Breathtakingly gorgeous, but never been out of her little room. Mike fell in love with her at first sight when she sav... more info

Story about: fantasy romance, witches and wizards, witch and human

Complete 105 pages
6098 161

Rating: 27

#517 in Romance
#14 in Paranormal Romance
#66 in Fantasy

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