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Book cover "Runt & The Cursed Rogue King"
2.1 1.89 USD

Runt & The Cursed Rogue King

Valerie Sax

“Mr. Wolf, I think you brought the wrong woman,” she muttered strong words out of fear. Those pair of glaring red eyes looking at her through the darkness shivered her spine. Fleetingly, she responded, “I am not your mate. I can’t be anyone’s mate because…” Her words stopped midway ... more info

Story about: curse and unconditional love, werewolf romance, werewolf fated mates

Ongoing: 01 Jul 179 pages
14725 676

Rating: 146

#7 in Fantasy
#2 in Mystery

1.99 USD

Once Upon a Full Moon

Lisa Muller

Luella can’t remember anything that happened before her thirteenth birthday after surviving the car accident that killed her parents and sister. Ten years later, she moves back to her hometown, hoping to connect the dots and finally learn who she was before losing her memories. But the moment she ... more info

Story about: werewolf in love with a human, werewolf mates, werewolf fated mates

Complete 254 pages
11288 887

Rating: 143

#101 in Romance
#3 in Paranormal Romance
#11 in Fantasy
#4 in Romantic fantasy


The Wicked Alpha

Agony Riah

Rebecca was watching the full moon from the window of her room. AND hearing the speech behind her back. She already decided to let him live here... It was not the game of mind but her heart. AND she already has given her heart to him. But the dangers that come along with him are far more dangerous t... more info

Story about: betrayal, alphaking, werewolf love

Complete 184 pages
11148 299

Rating: 43

#13 in Fantasy
#6 in Romantic fantasy
#7 in Mystery
#4 in Supernaturals


Lack of Trust

Ayesha DA

"I was not flawed, your faith was flawed. If You had faith in your heart for me, I wouldn't have to bear all that I did because of you" she said looking towards him who was sobbing infront of her. "I was very sad and angry at that time. All the evidence was against you and when I saw that condition... more info

Story about: childhoodlove, misunderstanding and heartbreak, regret and divorce

Ongoing: 03 Jul 27 pages
672 130

Rating: 25

#121 in Romance
#67 in Billionaires
#16 in Fantasy
#8 in Romantic fantasy


Alpha's Alluring Enchantress...


Love, the words known to all, but found by only a few fortunate beings. ALPHA MAGNUS, a charming man, a powerful ruler, a beloved King, & a perfect family man, is tired of the weight of responsibilities, & his loneliness, without the shade of love in his life, & an army of enemies. Wh... more info

Story about: werewolf mates, alluring enchantress, love and suspense

Complete 310 pages
5849 119

Rating: 29

#158 in Romance
#7 in Paranormal Romance
#19 in Fantasy
#10 in Romantic fantasy

2.49 USD

Yours Truly, Alpha Dante

Lola Tiamiyu

"What do you want, Sam?" I spat, looking around and hoping no one was nearby. My absence was going to be noticed soon. "To fuck you." His eyes gleamed evilly. "Like I used to." "That's not possible, I'm Dante's mate now." I trembled in silent anger. "So you better clear off before I tell your ... more info

Story about: forbidden love, werewolf romance, werewolf fated mates

Complete 255 pages
26513 441

Rating: 192

#200 in Romance
#11 in Paranormal Romance
#26 in Fantasy
#15 in Romantic fantasy


Grey Eyes and White Lies

Neppi Sue

“You shouldn’t let your enemy smell your fears,” He said taking a step toward her. “I’m n-not afraid of you,” She said with all her might, her legs trembling. A mesmerizing pair of grey eyes weren’t the only thing odd about Adrian, one of the youngest CEOs in the business world... more info

Story about: werewolf billionaire and human romance, possesive, bound by the moon

Ongoing: 04 Jul 158 pages
21764 495

Rating: 105

#23 in Fantasy
#13 in Romantic fantasy
#197 in Romance
#10 in Paranormal Romance


Madness in Love

Rida Shoukat

Shah Zain was holding her with one hand while opening his shirt button with the other hand. Meanwhile, he didn't let Minal separate from him for a moment. "Shah Zain please, it's not right time, it's too early." She was trying hard to control her unsteady condition, but who was listening to her? ... more info

Story about: love after marriage, love and destiny, love and hate romance

Ongoing: 04 Jul 37 pages
1955 73

Rating: 16

#29 in Fantasy
#1 in Epic fantasy
#240 in Romance
#32 in Romantic suspense


Innocent Heart

Ayesha DA

He said smiling "You stop worrying about your sister and worry about yourself. You have said that today is my marriage but I have made a slight change in it." "What change" she asked. She was not getting good vibes from him. "It is true that today I am getting married but not with Mahi but with you.... more info

Story about: revenge, loveatfirstsight, hatetolove

Ongoing: 04 Jul 10 pages
320 72

Rating: 12

#30 in Fantasy
#17 in Romantic fantasy


Aether's Claim

Kele Emmanuel

May Bard is no Alpha's daughter. Nor is she the daughter or the Beta or any other high ranking wolf. Yet, at the mating ceremony when she releases her wolf to find her mate He's there, standing with the other Alpha's with his fists balled at his sides and his eyes trained on hers. But it's ... more info

Story about: werewolves love story, mates and rejection, obstacles and challenges

Ongoing: 04 Jul 122 pages
2193 98

Rating: 16

#21 in Mystery
#9 in Supernaturals
#34 in Fantasy
#19 in Romantic fantasy

Recently Updated

Witnessed by the moon


Orlando is a powerful werewolf, the next king of Astrov while his mate is human and also the heiress of the most influential business man in the city of Campiano. After their parents disapproved of the union, they wedded secretly under a full moon one beautiful evening, but their happiness was sho... more info

Story about: werewolf king in love with a human

Ongoing: 04 Jul 79 pages
828 81

Rating: 28

#250 in Romance
#12 in Paranormal Romance
#32 in Fantasy


Step Brothers

Rameen Arshad

A tale of a young girl who seeks out for love. ... more info

Story about: abuse, stepbrothers, depressed

Ongoing: 02 Jul 27 pages
1114 56

Rating: 6

#12 in Thrillers & Suspense
#35 in Fantasy


Half Faced Alpha


Alpha Axton, a ruthless Alpha of the dreaded pack of whispers, one that is widely feared by all, one that is never seen, only heard of, one that screams of blood thirst and war conquers a witch infested village on the other side of the moon, earning himself a curse from the Pack's head witch. He wil... more info

Story about: an alpha with a curse, a naive girl shielded from the world, a witch looking for vengeance

Ongoing: 04 Jul 135 pages
2662 87

Rating: 39

#36 in Fantasy
#20 in Romantic fantasy
#280 in Romance
#15 in Paranormal Romance

1.99 USD

Alpha Charming

Lisa Muller

A wedding photographer accepts a job to photograph a werewolf wedding and turns out to be one’s mate. When the opportunity of a lifetime presented itself, Ashlyn was quick to catch the first flight to Scotland to photograph the wedding of a prestigious family of Dukes and Duchesses. What she did... more info

Story about: werewolf alpha and mate, werewolf and human, werewolf king mate

Complete 147 pages
86514 1198

Rating: 283

#298 in Romance
#18 in Paranormal Romance
#39 in Fantasy
#22 in Romantic fantasy

1.99 USD

In the arms of a Demon

Angelica Reu

Amelia Martins is helping children in an orphanage in her town. But one day a businessman wants to buy it and all the kids will have to search for a new home. Amelia is not going to let it happen, she will do everything to protect orphan children. She is determined to meet the businessman and convin... more info

Story about: demon, demon and human, dark past pregnancy suspense

Complete 101 pages
133236 2553

Rating: 725

#41 in Fantasy
#23 in Romantic fantasy


In Full Colour

Lana Fox

Axel, Lily’s twin brother and the infamous playboy of numerous packs has finally found his mate. The only problem was, he did not want one and would do anything in his power to avoid getting mated. Over the past few weeks, I have tried desperately to forget about her, to push her out of my mind,... more info

Story about: playboy brother to the alpha, forced to live together, spicy werewolf romance

Complete 275 pages
56623 674

Rating: 73

#43 in Fantasy
#10 in Dark fantasy
#335 in Romance
#19 in Paranormal Romance


His Himalayan Moon


What happens when the entire world of werewolves separate a pair of mate? And not just any mate…but THE FATED AND THE CHOSEN ONE. What happens when the future Alpha is told that his Mate died as an infant? Destruction…and only destruction can be brought by the wrath of the heartbroken future... more info

Story about: alpha, passionatelove, mate bond

Ongoing: 03 Jul 79 pages
733 46

Rating: 7

#42 in Fantasy
#24 in Romantic fantasy
#26 in Mystery
#11 in Supernaturals


Cause And Effect

Sobeida Suarez C

What would you do if the love of your life invites you to his parent’s house to announce your engagement and he ends up proposing to... another girl? What would you do if he then shows up claiming you as his saying it was all a mistake? What would you do? I invite you to know muy story Sobeid... more info

Story about: pain alphas consequences

Complete 121 pages
12846 379

Rating: 70

#45 in Fantasy
#26 in Romantic fantasy
#347 in Romance
#21 in Paranormal Romance


Come Love A Stranger

Goodness Shadrach

Mariah never thought that one day her perfect life wouldn’t be so perfect anymore. Who would have expected that her father, the King’s special adviser would one day be accused of trying to kill the king and take his place? But even though no one thought that, it happened and her family became... more info

Story about: romance, supernatural, mystic being

Complete 207 pages
30050 592

Rating: 132

#28 in Mystery
#13 in Supernaturals
#48 in Fantasy
#29 in Romantic fantasy


Jen’s Dream Santa

Tony Spencer

Jennifer Webster is single and almost 30. She discovered her boyfriend of 8 years was a cheat and she’s now living miserably alone in a tiny studio flat she can barely afford to rent. It’s nearly Christmas and for once she’s not looking forward to going home. For one thing her parents split up... more info

Story about: christmas, santa, body clock spinster

Complete 95 pages
484 35

Rating: 5

#358 in Romance
#47 in Fantasy
#28 in Romantic fantasy

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