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Booknet Books in the genre of Inspiration romance

Books in the genre of Inspiration romance

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Book cover "My Arranged Husband "
Even when I didn't love you, I saved all of me for you, my mind, body and soul. I didn't let any other man touch me if it was in my hand. Because in my mind, only you have that right. But what I got in return? Nothing. When I was there, saving myself, you were busy shagging countless women. You tho...
27 119
In progress: 04 Feb
86 pp.
Book cover "Her Wedding"
Navi, a mute girl found herself in different country with her unexpected husband who married her when the real groom left her hand in the middle of wedding. Unable to do anything she decided to devote her life to her savior and his family. Manay, a billionaire who has his own motives and desire ...
111 548
In progress: 30 Jan
194 pp.
Book cover "Lost Wife  "
Anirudha was perplexed what to do from the day his wife left him in an unknown place leaving all her belongings including her passport....
Story about: arranged marrige, betrayal
149 408
447 pp.
Book cover "If I leave Tonight "
December has lived her life like a villainess and regrets it until she is given a chance to relive her life and fix her mistakes. When she travels back in time she wants to fix her mistakes and let go of the person she once loved. But when she meets him again all the past emotions she had for him, c...
4 410
In progress: 07 Feb
187 pp.
Book cover "Just His Wife"
Things were smooth for the Filthy rich, self- centered Billionaire Blake Cordon until one night when out of blue his low self-confident, Shy and Submissive house wife Melissa decides to take the charge of her life and decides that she wants to be more than JUST HIS WIFE. "Do you really love me bl...
28 378
151 pp.
Book cover "Twist of Fate "
«Verily, after every difficulty is ease». «I plan, You plan, We all plan but Allah's plan is the best». ~**~ "Yeah, I know. I was your wife before but now I'm my husband's wife. And if you really love me as you said, you will let me go because I've let you go a long time ago. If you re...
2 773
121 pp.
Book cover "My Virgin Maid"
The journey which only Fate decided, brought these two incredible characters together. Meet Charlotte, a young beautiful virgin girl, who was sold out by her Aunt to make money. On this unfortunate or fortunate night of trade, a very handsome billionaire known as John happened to be present. ...
220 919
82 pp.
Book cover "Letting Go"
This is a sequel to Don't Touch After the journey through high school and finally able to adapt to life with his mental health, Michael approaches a new challenge. College, balancing his relationship with his boyfriend, Elliot, and figuring out what he wants in life. Maybe there are things that ...
7 744
In progress: 04 Feb
313 pp.
Book cover "This Isn't Goodbye"
Dr Jeremy is one of the best doctors that people know, when treating his patients, he goes all in to make sure they survives, one day he was told that a new patient signed herself to him and left to meet her in her room and only to find out that she was his high school love but he never got a chance...
Story about: love, sickness, tragedy
26 864
121 pp.
Book cover "Not a fairy tale"
We all wish our love stories to be a fairy tale. A Prince charming to come and take us on a journey called love. Reva believed in fairy tale's too. But fate had something else planned for this innocent girl. At the mere age of 18 she was married off to her prince....the prince of darkness. All her m...
67 156
348 pp.
Book cover "The Surprise of Christmas"
After a horrible breakup Emma flees New York City to go back to her small hometown and celebrate Christmas with her family, which she usually declines not wanting to go back to the exact place she had fled from long ago. The town always felt too small for Emma, who sought more in life, now the town ...
20 pp.
Book cover "Is it me who you love? "
How is it to have one face for two people? It was fine...well almost fine, except for the moments, when my twin wanted to make me an identical copy of herself. It was fine, right until I fell in love with a guy, who is in love with her. One evening, the first time in my life when i replace...
In progress: 09 Feb
16 pp.
Book cover "Breathe "
Meet Isi, a Nigerian who was transferred to Brazil by her employer. She is strong, courageous and religious. Then there's Adrian, a Brazilian business mogul, a womanizer, who lost his hope in God. Together, they make a good team but will it always be rosy through the journey of life...
155 562
161 pp.
Book cover "Pride"
Sarah and Sean are a loving married couple, one could say they are perfect but they have only one problem, they both have pride. When the other does something, both will pick offense and non will apologize or seek for peace but neither of them know that one day that same pride will not only destroy...
Story about: pride, unforgiveness, couple
9 734
6 pp.
Book cover "Karma"
A short story with moral lesson. A must read....
Story about: untrust, impatient, divorce
10 641
7 pp.
Book cover "F.E.A"
"Why a woman? Mechanical? "Why did your mother take over this company for several years?...
11 862
517 pp.
Book cover "Don't Touch"
Book 1 Michael spent five years dealing with his disorder: haphephobia. Afraid to be touched. Afraid of stepping out of his home to enjoy a normal life. After moving to a new school, Michael has to challenge himself again from the beginning, but now with help from his new friend Elliot. Disclaim...
12 248
488 pp.
Book cover "The Unexpected Love"
"You hate me right?" I shook my head but he pulled me closer to his chest. "Feeling is mutual honey " his hot minty breath reached to my ears. He gripped my arms tightly and I winced from the pain. A tear fell from my eyes, I tried to push him but he was way stronger than me. "Daniyal, i...
Story about: goodgirl, teenagers, badboys
97 888
115 pp.
Book cover "The Unplanned Wedding"
Aisha Bhatra, the most talented girl in her town was sent aboard for further studies. She messes up her life there and completely forgets her family. Once when she is invited to her twin's wedding, she decides to visit her. But everything turns upside down when she comes back home. Her twin sister ...
21 754
101 pp.
Book cover "Our Shocking First Night"
Avni, after her wedding, on her first night asked for "DIVORCE" from her husband . Though,it was a "love-cum-arrange" marriage still she was asking for something like this which was very unexpected for her husband. . . • What's the reason behind it? • After knowing the reason, will her husb...
10 643
16 pp.
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