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Luna Grace


Hi. My name is Tamara Grace Finely. And this is my story. I was born on the 26th of January. 4 months premature. The doctors said I wouldn't make it. But I did. That's why my parents named me Grace. My parents are devout Christians. We go to church every Sunday, pray every night before... more info

Story about: romance, alpha, luna

Ongoing: 09 Aug 35 pages
4451 373 59

Rating: 46

#94 in Romance
#2 in Paranormal Romance
#9 in Young adult
#3 in School


The Sapphire academy


(Daily update) Sydney Marin is a witch living in Odren country in a realm where all the paranormal creatures existed. All these years in her life she lived as a loner with her aunt Lydia who always protects her, never exposed her to others. One day Sydney met a Jacen, a vampire who entered he... more info

Story about: vampires, paranormal romance, witches

Ongoing: 12 Aug 112 pages
4121 223 41

Rating: 26

#3 in Horror
#2 in Paranormal
#106 in Romance
#3 in Paranormal Romance

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A Reluctant Angel


Progressive Properties is aggressively taking over where small neighborhoods once flourished. Now Angelique's Shelter, St. Gabriel's, is under attack. Who shows up at her door to deliver the news? John McDougal, now a prominent property attorney, and once love of her life, who broke her heart into a... more info

Story about: second chance, angels, love and betrayal

Complete 247 pages
4079 545 28

Rating: 65

#197 in Romance
#10 in Inspiration romance
#5 in Paranormal Romance


She's Only Human


When she first met him everything was a blur, but for him she was his savior. Him being the next alpha and she being only human with nothing in her name but a fiance to introduced. How can they overcome their attraction to each other if forces of nature is bringing them together? ... more info

Story about: alpha, forbidden, alpha wolf inlove with a human

Ongoing: 23 Jul 3 pages
263 123 2

Rating: 7

#25 in Contemporary fiction
#17 in ChickLit
#254 in Romance
#6 in Paranormal Romance


Without You...

Shana G

a short love story Who says even death can do you apart? There are some stories that continues even after death. ... more info

Story about: ghoststory, romance, tragedy

Complete 3 pages
93 24 8

Rating: 8

#13 in Short stories
#269 in Romance
#7 in Paranormal Romance


A Wolf's Bane


On Spirit Moon Island, Karin Fang is a witch that uses haiku spells to cast magic and she and her mother live next door to a pack of werewolves. Radley Baines is the Alpha's son and he can't seem to get along with his inner wolf unlike most werewolves his age. He doesn't have the privilege in follow... more info

Story about: magic, family drama, witches and werewolves

Ongoing: 04 Jul 50 pages
404 128 6

Rating: 5

#31 in Young adult
#274 in Romance
#8 in Paranormal Romance


Bones in the box

Kat Thomas

She had every chance in life at her fingertips she finds that working in a museum was what she wanted to do. When her uncle helps her get the exhibit she wanted to work on she gets the gift of a lifetime, A mysterious extra box of bones. These bones show give her more than she even knew and she has... more info

Story about: after life, paranormal romance, love and romance

Complete 87 pages
1048 94 0

Rating: 6

#366 in Romance
#12 in Paranormal Romance
#54 in Fantasy


Don't Open That Door

MC Prelooker

A week off in Montana turns from a funny vacation into a supernatural trap, and it doesn't stop there. From then on, Alex and Claire Corban's ordinary lives are disrupted forever, as more supernatural events push them to tread further into a road they don't want to go down.... more info

Story about: paranormal, alpha ghosts goblins, mystery supernatural

Ongoing: 09 Aug 15 pages
82 11 0

Rating: 6

#62 in Mystery
#26 in Supernaturals
#403 in Romance
#14 in Paranormal Romance


After Dark

Nova Empire

Maya had been searching the busy streets of Hungary in hunt for jobs under the scorching sun. After so many turn downs. She finally gave up her dream of becoming an accountant. She was wandering the streets after the last turn down when she saw a billboard with a job ad. The job was totally... more info

Story about: carpathians vampire hunters

Ongoing: 15 Jul 11 pages
81 18 1

Rating: 3

#508 in Romance
#18 in Paranormal Romance

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