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Who's your daddy?

Sonita Olise

Pregnant for her boyfriend, a lady gets thrown out with her child, but after some years apart, destiny brings them back together, but at what price?.. WHO'S YOUR DADDY?. ... more info

Story about: fathers absence, faithful love

Ongoing: 24 Jun 70 pages
17593 703

Rating: 83

#12 in Romance
#7 in Billionaires

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Manvi Upadhyay

Never have i ever acted so desperate for anyone or anything. But now it' like i have lost control on myself. I am doing things I have no idea why? I WANT someone i never wanted before. Sighing, Some five years ago, she was my girlfriend and one can say things only went downhill from there. Just... more info

Story about: ex girlfriend, billionaire ex, billionaire boss

Ongoing: 24 Jun 87 pages
18926 708

Rating: 176

#13 in Romance
#3 in Contemporary Romance
#8 in Billionaires


Sebastian's Obsession

Pushpa Naik

" "Please don't do this , I don't want to marry you" pleaded the girl , "You don't have choice but to obey me , my flower" announced Sebastian. "But you are......... Sebastian who's obsessed with his friends daughter, wants to protect her , wants her to his side forever....... Sebastian D'Angelo... more info

Story about: obsession possessive, forcedmarrige, billionaire boy innocent girl

Complete 121 pages
151278 2376

Rating: 461

#18 in Romance
#2 in Romantic suspense
#10 in Billionaires


An Impossible Attraction

Goodness Shadrach

Should age be a barrier when it comes to love? For as long as Nathan could remember, Tracy has always been by his side, protecting him, caring for him and loving him. She was there when he opened his eyes as a baby and she had remained by his side since then and everything has been perfect, sweet... more info

Story about: romance, agegap, fobiddenlove

Ongoing: 25 Jun 92 pages
16015 637

Rating: 132

#24 in Romance
#7 in Contemporary Romance
#1 in Young adult


Stay With Me (18+)


Delilah couldn’t remember the last time she has ever returned anyplace as her home or has ever been belonged to. Being trapped in a basement where nothing but darkness was her sole companion. For five years she has lived in that basement under the lustful eyes of the human scavengers. Until one ... more info

Story about: suspense, agegape, billionareromance

Ongoing: 24 Jun 120 pages
24419 752

Rating: 121

#27 in Romance
#8 in Contemporary Romance
#3 in Romantic suspense


His Triantafyllo


Scarlett Williams was a normal college going girl and Xander Knight was the cold, ruthless billionaire. She married him just because of a promise she made to someone and he married her because his mother wanted him to. They both were not ready for this marriage. What happens when Scarlett decide... more info

Story about: firstlove, arraged marraige, billionaire romance billionaire passion

Ongoing: 24 Jun 625 pages
280723 2895

Rating: 569

#35 in Romance
#5 in Romantic suspense
#17 in Billionaires


Mafia's marriage

Amelia Whatson

Sofia ,the innocent and hardworking girl after the death of her dad has only hope on god that her life will soon be beautiful after every sadness there is happiness.... Darien Kingston , the most ruthless and heartless man of the world has everything in his life except love... What will hap... more info

Story about: mafia love innocent girl heartless man

Ongoing: 19 Jun 302 pages
141657 1830

Rating: 283

#36 in Romance
#18 in Billionaires


Confession at the Altar

Alex Orchard

Brooke Jackson thought she had everything: a fulfilling job, the home she'd always wanted, and the perfect fiancé. But no one likes her fiancé, her best friend warns her from getting married, and she seems to have an attraction to her fiancé's best friend. Determined to prove everyone wrong, ... more info

Story about: romantic suspense and betrayal, friends to lovers, fake love

Complete 178 pages
15757 898

Rating: 73

#2 in Contemporary fiction
#2 in ChickLit
#38 in Romance
#11 in Contemporary Romance


In a cage with the Beast

Ema Noel

Is thirty-five hours in the same cell with a cold-blooded killer a lot or a little? It wasn't enough for me to be satisfied, but just enough to get bogged down in him.... more info

Story about: love and passion, dangerous love, criminal

Complete 53 pages
18787 667

Rating: 125

#42 in Romance
#6 in Romantic suspense
#14 in Contemporary Romance

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The Widower's New Bride

Margaret Chinaza

Eliot Clement was devasted when his wife dies two days after birthing their son. Still mourning and grieving for her death, he frowns on the request of his parent to remarry just after one month of her death. But his resolve not to marry again doesn't last so long because he can't deny his young son... more info

Story about: billionaire, widower, child

Ongoing: 25 Jun 233 pages
48561 763

Rating: 289

#44 in Romance
#21 in Billionaires

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Lily Matanhire

Love, life and sacrifices. Ginny, raised in a strict christian family, is the last born in a family of four girls. While her three elder sisters know exactly what they want in life and how to get it, she still struggles to find her footing in life. All the conflicts in her life all come from her pa... more info

Story about: romance life, romance love, romance cliches and reality

Ongoing: 23 Jun 35 pages
1977 245

Rating: 24

#45 in Romance
#16 in Contemporary Romance


Surprise Son for the Billionaire

Rina Light

“I think I’m pregnant, Lisa!” I felt shocked. “What do you mean?” My friend gasped, her eyes wide open in surprise. “How could it happen? You are a virgin. At least you were a virgin yesterday. And you don’t have a boyfriend.” “Yes, I don’t. And, yes, I’m a virgin. I mean I was... more info

Story about: hatetolove, possessive, pregancy

Ongoing: 24 Jun 28 pages
4550 335

Rating: 60

#46 in Romance
#17 in Contemporary Romance
#22 in Billionaires


The Surrogate 2

Grey V

Everything won't remain as perfect as they seem to be. Every one has their own demons thay won't leave you until you face them. And it is the time Bella and Namjoon will have to face their's too. The past will come again, some that stays and some that parts for good. Book 2 of "The surrog... more info

Story about: romance life, romance and billionaire, surrogacy

Ongoing: 21 Jun 81 pages
13217 467

Rating: 82

#49 in Romance
#18 in Contemporary Romance
#7 in Romantic suspense


Purchased By Him

S kajal

MOON..!! A sweet, innocent and kind-hearted girl.But as it is said no,that good people suffers the most in the world so was in her case too.She lost her mother when she was just 7 and from then and there for her sake her father married a widow who already had a son.In the start everything was going... more info

Story about: revenge, love after marriage, contractmarriage

Ongoing: 24 Jun 95 pages
28552 711

Rating: 127

#50 in Romance
#19 in Contemporary Romance
#24 in Billionaires


My contracted principal wife


Ms. Bettina Catalina Aragon Zuarez, the not so new principal in Blues High. Akiro Elle Devain, the billionaire in the city-- I mean one of the famous bachelor in the country. Jaydee Alec Devain the mischief in Blues High, connected the world of the strict principal and the devil billionaire. How di... more info

Story about: falling inlove with the billionaire.

Ongoing: 20 Jun 441 pages
112411 1499

Rating: 279

#51 in Romance
#25 in Billionaires


The House Always Wins


Johnathan House is ruthless, never backs away from a challenge, lives without apology or boundaries and doesn't believe in taking a break. But Jonathan’s father insist that he tag along with his friends to Italy for a poker tournament that’s being held at a hotel is father acquired in a poker ga... more info

Story about: romance, billionare, marriage game

Ongoing: 21 Jun 685 pages
125567 1659

Rating: 247

#55 in Romance
#28 in Billionaires


It Started With A Kiss- The Mastermind


She had it all figured out. She had the life that she loved and she was living it every moment. Until the day she arrives to attend the wedding of a close friend. Little did she know, she had entered the wrong wedding and before she can realize, she is married off to the groom under the influe... more info

Story about: family drama, slow building romance, unexpected marriage

Ongoing: 23 Jun 132 pages
23887 573

Rating: 93

#57 in Romance
#1 in Inspiration romance
#8 in Romantic suspense

1.99 USD

Alpha's Lethal Love

Payal Mandal

Maya had spent her entire life fighting a battle with her inner conscious that troubled her a lot. While finding a permanent solution to this agony, she met Kaiser and fell in love with him. But she had no idea that Kaiser was a werewolf, something, she never believed existed. While Kaiser had no i... more info

Story about: bound by the moon, werewolf mystery, love and destiny

Ongoing: 23 Jun 131 pages
8602 432

Rating: 104

#61 in Romance
#1 in Paranormal Romance
#4 in Mystery
#2 in Supernaturals


The Villain


What would you do if the devil himself falls in love with you? Veronica could never imagine that 'The villain' , 'The mafia king' , 'The devil' , Samael Reed would obessesively fall in love with her. How would she escape the devil? There was more to the story....his criminal world had destroyed he... more info

Story about: dark romance, forced love, mafiabillionaires

Ongoing: 23 Jun 151 pages
13866 332

Rating: 77

#63 in Romance
#1 in Thrillers & Suspense
#1 in Crime fiction




"Are you afraid of me, Ms. Parekh?" "No" "So do you have a crush on me?" "What?" "Because a girl can be uncomfortable with the proximity of a man only if she is afraid of him or has a crush on him. If the second part is true, then Ms. Parekh, I want to tell you that I am off the market ... more info

Story about: age gap romance, stubborn girl, run away bride

Ongoing: 25 Jun 50 pages
3052 248

Rating: 48

#62 in Romance
#10 in Romantic suspense
#31 in Billionaires

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