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Books in the genre of School

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Book cover "The tale of two hearts"
"Enough! That's all your trust on me Stephan? In our 5 years of friendship that's all your trust on me?" Victoria shouted to Stephan The other students was just looking the fight. "Victi enough fight, c'mon let's go". I told but she refuses. Tana and her gang was so happy about their fight. "Stop ...
12 190
113 pp.
Book cover "Bad Boy Fell Hard"
She was broken, sad and in pain. She built high walls around her that no one could break. She hid behind a fake mask which was to always smile so that she could hide the pain on the inside. He saw past this mask and was willing to help and protect her because she was fragile. Was it gonna be as eas...
194 134
176 pp.
Book cover "Tell Me I'm Yours "
Love never plays by the rules.. Sarita Madhav has always had a crush on Rajveer Chaturvedi, the co-captain of the basketball team; the Panthers, but he has never noticed her because he has his eyes on Divya Malhotra, head cheerleader who also happens to be his girlfriend. But, Divya has her eyes on...
In progress: 30 Jan
7 pp.
Book cover "The Ghost - Ghost #1"
What do you do when the school's biggest player asks you to be his fake girlfriend? What do you do when you start having feelings for him? Lia is basically invisible at school, but that's exactly what she wants. That way, no one can find out about her secret - being a famous underground fighter,...
Story about: first love, bad boy, younglove
223 120
338 pp.
Book cover "Locked Hearts"
Eighteen-year-old Zoe Brown has always been the girl no one paid attention to, the girl who kept her head low, hoping to get through high school drama-free. But that all changes when she is invited to a party by her ex-boyfriend, Ian, where she plays a game of spin-the-bottle. During the game, she k...
8 595
98 pp.
Book cover "The Mystery Girl and Insecure Boy"
For Lukas, girls approach him, talk to him, but they never succeed in getting with him. Even the prettiest girls have tried and failed. Everyone thinks he's playing hard to get but on the inside, he's insecure, like very insecure. On the other hand, the world has always been unfair to Bo. She ul...
Story about: popular, cartel, teenromance
156 112
228 pp.
Book cover "Unexpected Connection"
Liliana 'Lily' Grant is a rich good girl in college, she's a wallpaper in the small Trinity University, a private school for the elite. She does her assignment on time, is always home and she's no longer part of the popular kids. Her life is pretty much boring. That is until Ian. Ian Carter is th...
48 750
205 pp.
Book cover "Once Upon A Stepbrother "
Annabelle Davis loves fairytales, they are her escape from reality. But then again, not all fairytales have a happily ever after. ⭒⭒⭒ He was my stepbrother. My best friend. My family. Nothing more. That is, until one stupid night changed everything, and I couldn’t stop thinking ab...
Story about: romance, highschool, stepbrother
38 523
119 pp.
Book cover "Noticed You!"
“Are you trying to seduce someone” He questioned cocking his head to the side. Huh? Seduce someone ? What made him come to such a conclusion? “Excuse me” I replied in a pitch higher than I intended being honestly confused. ... Rina Kingston is an exemplary student caught up in her o...
25 617
180 pp.
Book cover "Yours Loving Bully"
Dear Nicola "I hate it when you smile. I hate to see you happy. I never knew how much was i bend to broke you into pieces till i finally lost you. I knew you didn't have much things which i hated the most because you have the one thing which was of mine.... You have my Heart" Yours loving bully, ...
Story about: bullying, school, bully
25 649
5 pp.
Book cover "Broken Rules"
Easton could not believe it. Did his father really think he could host his new girlfriend's daughter without any consequences? And to make matters worse, did dear Alice really think she could dance into his life without following him and his rules? When Alice had accepted that new life alongside her...
42 244
165 pp.
Book cover "Kissing The Wind"
Being poor might be a sin in a society where poverty makes people do illegal things. Sydnee Lurica is one of those unfortunate ones after her father was accused of fraud and thrown into jail. She is in a constant longing to find her place in school but no one is willing to welcome her with open arms...
9 962
246 pp.
Book cover "Presents and Promises "
Presents are meant to be Cherished, Promises are meant to be Kept ~~~~~~~~~ Sarina Radford was well-liked at school, and she appeared to have it all on the outside, but she was actually going through a lot on the inside, and she also had to deal with Bryan Betancourt's rudeness, the only b...
24 pp.
Book cover "More Than My Friend "
Sequel to 'The Man Behind My Mysteries' After discovering that her dad was the reason she had those numerous nightmares and was the one who had her kidnapped and almost killed and also made students in her school bully her all for his selfish reasons. Daniella who is in college now is healing ...
In progress: 27 Jan
25 pp.
Book cover "Behind the Eight Ball"
Class Valedictorian, Star Center on the Basket Team, good grades, good kid pretty much sums up Finn Nash a Senior at Lenape Charter High. Having his whole life planned out for him, nothing could have surprised him more then a bizarre encounter with Brynn Shelby, class recluse. Brynn has her reaso...
239 260
397 pp.
Book cover "Bf(f)"
"Go out with me". It's hard to believe that four simple words could change someone's whole life, but, ever since Amy's best friend said them to her, her life took turns she could never have expected. He was handsome and you wouldn't know it to look at him, but he'd made a fortune writing romance nov...
Story about: romance, teen, friendship
16 367
271 pp.
Book cover "Broken Together "
Liv has been through a lot since her mom died and her dad was announced not sane enough to take of her. So her aunt took custody of her and she was forced to change from a all girls academy to a public school. Soon she makes friends but also an enemy that she later falls for. But she knew they could...
21 133
90 pp.
Book cover "Heart Beat"
My world is very small in this small town. I was a newcomer to Signature but that wasn't the thing that makes me popular, my excellence in study was a point of attention. ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------- What makes Jill v...
25 691
86 pp.
Book cover "The diary of a broken girl"
Imagine if everything in your life went wrong. that, in a nutshell, is the life of Aileen Taylor. every single bad thing that ever happened to you is just a 4th of what Aileen goes through on a daily basis. beaten and abused ever since she was 6. she never got the chance to know what love is or how...
Story about: abuse, finding happiness
116 020
120 pp.
Book cover "Over the heels [bxb]"
After coming out of closet and getting declined by own father,abhay tries to have his normal life with his mom in the new city 'Mumbai'.With nice grades,abhay gets his admission in the top college. In the new college,he meets his online crush Ankit who is kind of famous in his college with his kille...
Story about: collegeromance, gay love, lgbtq
14 883
141 pp.
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