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His ugly wife (short story completed)

Farzana Tutul

'Wait a minute, Mr. Walid.' For a brief moment, I was perplexed when I heard a strong and confident female voice. I wasn't expecting her to respond. My astonishment grew as I turned to face her. She'd taken off her veil, gotten out of bed, and walked in front of me. Her arms were crossed across her ... more info

Story about: lovehaterelationship, loveaftermariage, love and hatred

Complete 18 pages
2818 346

Rating: 86

#284 in Romance
#1 in Short stories


Between 16 and 60

Ashleh Queen

She was right at that place where she was then. In the very same highlighter orange overall having the company's monogram and distributing flyers... maybe. I don't know because I was at some distance. But it was easy to recognize her. She still looked beautiful. Face huh? She was always nothing but ... more info

Story about: teenagers, youngadult, brokenheart

Complete 21 pages
19961 963

Rating: 176

#320 in Romance
#63 in Romantic suspense
#3 in Short stories


The Royal Wedding


"Momma, Taliyah just tore my wedding dress" I beamed. "Taliyah what have you done!!" "Mum she started it, she threw away my paintings" "Dad told you to stop drawing!" "Does that give you the right..." "You tore my wedding dress for crying out loud" "You tore..." "Just keep quie... more info

Story about: hate to love, love and family

Complete 238 pages
31493 428

Rating: 82

#403 in Romance
#4 in Short stories



Goodness Shadrach

Sarah and Sean are a loving married couple, one could say they are perfect but they have only one problem, they both have pride. When the other does something, both will pick offense and non will apologize or seek for peace but neither of them know that one day that same pride will not only destroy... more info

Story about: pride, unforgiveness, couple

Complete 6 pages
6746 262

Rating: 45

#7 in Short stories
#576 in Romance
#23 in Inspiration romance


The Departure [ A True Story Of Love ]

Niharika Nafisa

A one-part short story of two individuals who got separated to find their bright future, waiting for each other. Still waiting. . Based on a true story... more info

Story about: shortstory, separation, longdistance

Complete 11 pages
1587 141

Rating: 58

#6 in Short stories
#31 in Young adult


Love at last sight


He never knew that he would never take back his words and his actions but his realization is what will haunt him forever. Now he will have to live with the guilt for the rest of his life now that she is six feet under.... more info

Story about: he destroyed her with his sins

Ongoing: 27 Jul 4 pages
56 14

Rating: 1

#609 in Romance
#8 in Short stories



Goodness Shadrach

A short story with moral lesson. A must read.... more info

Story about: untrust, impatient, divorce

Complete 7 pages
7457 320

Rating: 51

#9 in Short stories
#665 in Romance
#28 in Inspiration romance


One Good Betrayal Deserves Another

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries)

Cassie Winters's life was perfect or at least she thought..until fate helped her unravel a terrible secret that would change her whole life and leave her world shattered. A series of unfortunate events happened in her life, and she had no one to turn to but herself. She ends up going on an expected ... more info

Story about: love, revenge, betrayal

Complete 62 pages
62174 1090

Rating: 89

#689 in Romance
#160 in Contemporary Romance
#11 in Short stories


December Third

Osaro Oghadeva

“... Treading past the gate and into the premises of my prestigious university, Lagos State University, aka LASU, with an air of confidence and bubbly demeanor, I saw him and he saw me and I knew without a doubt that, that day, December Third, wasn't just any other day of the year! December Third... more info

Story about: love, romance, shortstories

Complete 12 pages
932 60

Rating: 5

#694 in Romance
#13 in Short stories


Short stories

Jo Black

A collection of short stories I wrote Vote comment enjoy :-)... more info

Story about: shortstories

Ongoing: 21 Jul 27 pages
146 1

Rating: 0

#4 in Horror
#4 in Paranormal
#12 in Short stories

Recently Updated

Over the Moon


What if the characters you knew in from your nursery rhymes were real people dealing with real problems in real life. How would their personalities help or hinder them especially in the matters of the heart? Come take a look at OVER THE MOON, a collection of short stories of characters you may recog... more info

Story about: romance, fairytale, newadult

Complete 108 pages
22153 710

Rating: 60

#15 in Short stories
#124 in Fantasy
#63 in Romantic fantasy


Behind The Bars of Your Heart

Marilyn Lucero

I stepped out of the prison doors towards the road of freedom. I should be happy because I had been here for five wretched years. All the pieces of evidence that my fiancee's lover set up to drive me out of her life pointed to me as the murderer. Little did I know that behind those bars inside th... more info

Story about: heartbreak, freedom, love and betrayal

Complete 24 pages
6047 227

Rating: 53

#21 in Short stories
#885 in Romance
#209 in Contemporary Romance


His Mouth is Sweet to Kiss

Nicole Armas

A nun confesses her true feelings to her parish priest.... more info

Story about: love confession, first kiss, forbidden love

Complete 5 pages
621 20

Rating: 7

#843 in Romance
#20 in Short stories


Black Night White Love


He came after a trip of 4 days just to surprise her. But she is not in her room in the middle of the night. Where did she go? Last time he talked her she was home then where would she go in the late night? And why would she just vanished all of a sudden? He has same questions running in his mind as ... more info

Story about: love, husbandwife, cute girl and her charming husband

Complete 5 pages
318 9

Rating: 6

#827 in Romance
#19 in Short stories


After our wedding


A collection of eleven flash fictions and a short story. That talks about relationships between people and how it changes. It also speaks of love and witty deeds alongside tough choices made by people.... more info

Story about: love, relationships, change

Complete 31 pages
627 10

Rating: 6

#18 in Short stories


Stubborn Rose


What happens when the already small affection and love you family shows you suddenly wax cold? cause of a misunderstanding that happened when she was young, her mother hated her with passion. Rose was tired of it all, tired of the constant corporatism between her and her older sister Gloria, ti... more info

Story about: suspense, short novel, this book is centered on human feelings

Complete 27 pages
690 36

Rating: 72

#17 in Short stories
#71 in Thrillers & Suspense


The Protector

Jade Wolf

You can either let the pain break you or use it as a motivator to become the protector of others.... more info

Story about: child abuse, pain, murder

Ongoing: 02 Jul 4 pages
122 6

Rating: 2

#16 in Short stories


The iron claw in the velvet glove


This story has been updated. A young man returns home after being away only to discover the woman he loves is no longer his dear girlfriend and his very life is soon in danger...... more info

Story about: romance, supernatural, fantay

Complete 16 pages
1577 28

Rating: 1

#197 in Fantasy
#53 in Dark fantasy
#33 in Short stories


Sarah's Secret Santa


It's Christmas Eve and last person she ever would have chosen to spend it with just asked her to dinner. Noel has been a thorn in her side from the moment he first appeared at Global Graphics. Sarah gave up everything to move out west in the hopes of advancing her career, spending every waking momen... more info

Story about: holiday, christmas, love

Complete 14 pages
7363 286

Rating: 51

#1169 in Romance
#32 in Short stories


12 More Strange Stories

Michael Hill

A second varied collection of short stories, all original, which can each be read in not many minutes: A For Atomic Man Alien Contact Bluebell Carmody and the House in Many Places King of the Cockroaches Peter Drummond versus the USA Stone Dead The Battle of the Phantoms The Boyles at Chr... more info

Story about: 12 fictional short stories

Complete 108 pages
4053 35

Rating: 3

#3 in Science fiction
#31 in Short stories

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