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Who Is He?

Manvi Upadhyay

Destiny impelled Rose to marry a guy on wheelchair, Daniel. Soon certain strange turn of events make the uninterested Rose take keen interest on her husband and she realizes he isn't actually all what she thought he was. Will she find out who he is? Will he let her succeed doing that? All that and m... more info

Story about: thriller, suspense mystery, love romance

Ongoing: 25 Jul 27 pages
4804 290

Rating: 58

#45 in Romance
#5 in Romantic suspense
#1 in Thrillers & Suspense
#1 in Suspense


Heir Of Mafia World

Qurat Ul Ain Shahzad

A game of life, a game of revenge, and a game of love, a game of mysteries, a game filled with thrill and fear. A game of attacking innocents, playing with their bloods and gambling their breaths. A game of winning, where who lost is GONE. A game of Loss, where who win is LOST. A gam... more info

Story about: about revenge, about mystery, about hatelove

Ongoing: 24 Jul 289 pages
11326 298

Rating: 76

#151 in Romance
#27 in Romantic suspense
#10 in Thrillers & Suspense
#1 in Action thriller


loved by mafia

love writer

The mafia king is emotionless and falls for a girl for the first time with a girl who just graduated from college. Let's see how the girl falls in love with a mafia. Ll The introduction is given in on the first page. You can imagine yourself in the place of any character of urs choice.... more info

Story about: firstlove, lovestory, mifiaking

Ongoing: 26 Jul 70 pages
39023 601

Rating: 167

#152 in Romance
#11 in Thrillers & Suspense
#1 in Crime fiction


The Devil Desire

Avika Rai

"Sometimes even knowing everything about the outcome", "Of our action , we still failed to protect ourselves from getting hurt"!. "Bad or good , one thing everyone want is respectful Successful life", "No matter , achieving that, what way they walk on"!. For him she was mere target, for her,... more info

Story about: obsession, action thriller, royal conspiracy

Ongoing: 27 Jul 130 pages
960 82

Rating: 6

#12 in Thrillers & Suspense
#160 in Romance



Monika Singh

Kiara Seton, a beautiful brunette, twenty-three years old assassin with a mysterious past, comes from Chicago to New York for her revenge. Everyone calls her blood queen. Vivian Miller a handsome, and the most powerful mafia leader in New York. He is also a single father of a five-year-old gir... more info

Story about: enemies to lovers, mafia love, love and revenge

Complete 276 pages
97087 1474

Rating: 225

#172 in Romance
#13 in Thrillers & Suspense
#2 in Crime fiction

2.99 USD

With Love, xxxx - 2

Varshitha Kancharla

Will she... Know him? Meet him? See him? Above all, Love him? ***** Join in the story of a girl holding pen and a man holding gun. Sequel of With Love,xxxx. ... more info

Story about: frienship, mafia, mafia and action

Complete 175 pages
10822 355

Rating: 129

#300 in Romance
#29 in Thrillers & Suspense
#5 in Crime fiction


I will love you till my last breath


I have never thought I would go through this in my life . I have been crying since the last night , now my tears are all dried from my eyes or you can say tired of coming out of my eyes . This is the second time in my life I have been crying like a mad person. Till now I only cried for 2 person ... more info

Story about: romance, misunderstanding and heartbreak, mafia leader and revenge

Ongoing: 24 Jul 139 pages
5658 162

Rating: 48

#30 in Thrillers & Suspense
#6 in Crime fiction
#324 in Romance
#181 in Billionaires


It Was Her

Tenaya llora

It was him. It was always him by her. It was always he who stood by her. It was he who brought her out. He started it and ended it. Now it's up to her. Will she bring him out? Will she stand by him? Will she be there for him just like how he was there for her? Will ... more info

Story about: romantic suspense, family love, depression and anxiety

Ongoing: 23 Jul 187 pages
7635 266

Rating: 50

#349 in Romance
#190 in Billionaires
#34 in Thrillers & Suspense
#13 in Suspense


Like You...

Constance Marounta

A year ago, young Emilia mysteriously disappeared for two months before she returned home in a bad shape. Her whereabouts were unknown but seemingly whatever it was that she went through is over. Or not?... more info

Story about: abuse, manipulation, romance mystery

Ongoing: 25 Jul 176 pages
6212 175

Rating: 27

#35 in Thrillers & Suspense
#14 in Suspense
#380 in Romance
#74 in Romantic suspense


A Blood Stained 'i Do'


All is not as it seems in this action suspense. What happens when an 'innocent blind girl' marries an assassin? For the sake of friendship, Joshua agrees to marry best friend Raymond's blind girlfriend Julia without her knowledge, just so he can buy him time to get out of his arranged marriage. But ... more info

Story about: billionaire, assassins, blind girl marrried to an assassin

Complete 213 pages
41775 624

Rating: 110

#400 in Romance
#76 in Romantic suspense
#38 in Thrillers & Suspense
#4 in Action thriller

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Truth Or Dare

Emlika M

For as long as Linnea can remember, she'd dreamed about going to college in the US, but when the anticipated time finally comes around, nothing goes as planned. It all started with a seemingly innocent game of Truth or Dare at a frat party, but it soon turned into a dangerous game of life and death ... more info

Story about: college, obsession, stalker

Complete 200 pages
268045 5255

Rating: 507

#423 in Romance
#31 in New Adult & College
#40 in Thrillers & Suspense


His Tender Deceit

Neha Barnwal

This story revolves around a vigorous character named Helly Smith. She is legendary not only for being so vicious but also for handling everything on her own. She is an angel yet she is the devil you'll never wish to see. She hate liars and their lies too. But something changed when she first me... more info

Story about: two enemy who never expects their story, strong female lead

Ongoing: 21 Jul 53 pages
1893 285

Rating: 26

#39 in Thrillers & Suspense


While Holding the Pain

Hasna Hena

Tithy, a young girl of 22 years who was living someone else's life completely forgetting her identity and she herself was not aware of it for a little bit. As destiny leads the way and everyone has to follow it, none can know the destination. Eventually Tithy meets Ruhaan, a billionaire as his s... more info

Story about: memory loss, painful love, billionaires sad life

Complete 231 pages
19756 443

Rating: 59

#43 in Thrillers & Suspense
#17 in Suspense
#465 in Romance
#249 in Billionaires


The Red Flowers

Safiah Shykh

When the red flowers kept appearing every day at her doorstep, she began to get suspicious of the sender. She knew she had nothing that would attract anyone so it made no sense why someone would send it. The little messages on the cards would always make her feel something and that, she didn't want... more info

Story about: murder mystery, friendship, murder escape secrets

Ongoing: 26 Jul 116 pages
857 38

Rating: 22

#47 in Thrillers & Suspense


One Sentence

Goodness Shadrach

Aria woke up one day to realize that a serial killer is in town. Oh no, not just a serial killer, but the killer seemed to target only her family members and friends. Not knowing what could be happening, she found herself fighting to stay alive. But what is her mistake? Why chase after her? She ca... more info

Story about: suspense, suspense thriller, thriller romance

Complete 76 pages
10381 390

Rating: 81

#54 in Thrillers & Suspense
#21 in Suspense


The Lovers

Heena Kundra, Arcane

Piya is a naive, spear and bold girl but only in the outside world, and in home she doesn't even raises her eyes at anyone. After the parents pass away, when she stays at her maternal aunt's house, she does not get the love that her parents used to give. Only her friend understood him in such a wo... more info

Story about: lovers, truelove, societal truth

Complete 116 pages
6346 149

Rating: 37

#558 in Romance
#125 in Contemporary Romance
#51 in Thrillers & Suspense
#8 in Crime fiction



Zara Claflin

Sarah is an unwanted child but that's not the only reason her life is not valued, aside from having an abusive relationship with her mother who don't want to take the responsibility of taking care of her child and making her realize everyday that she isn't supposed to exist, Sarah miraculously reach... more info

Story about: gangsterlove, college girl, love romance

Ongoing: 23 Jul 25 pages
154 18

Rating: 4

#52 in Thrillers & Suspense
#560 in Romance


Double Life

Khanyi Mathayi

Lesego Medupe has never questioned her identity before, she never wondered about the father she never knew, her dark complexion, or her mother's outrageous rules. That is until a nerve-wracking accident introduces her to new faces, some of which only have impure intentions. Abigail Daniels has sp... more info

Story about: #evil twin, #supernatural, #secrets and lies

Complete 345 pages
692 22

Rating: 2

#28 in Mystery
#7 in Supernaturals
#56 in Thrillers & Suspense
#22 in Suspense


Seductive Illusions and Delusions


Description will be inside the book, it is way too long to put on here, but let me tell you, you won't be disappointed.... more info

Story about: horror romance, psychological horror, erotic love

Ongoing: 27 Jul 14 pages
95 6

Rating: 0

#55 in Thrillers & Suspense
#619 in Romance


The Mafia Business

Thëê Qúéën

"Am afraid if you find out about me you'll never love me again... It's best you stay away from me Aimee..." Aimee Garcia is the daughter of a mafia business leader who fell in love with her personal trainer. Looks like both of them have a dark past that they try to hide. But from the look, Tyler is ... more info

Story about: crime, heartbreak

Complete 171 pages
3836 204

Rating: 25

#65 in Thrillers & Suspense
#10 in Crime fiction

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