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Please Nick I'm begging you let's try and work things out you can't do this to Liam and I", I say as I'm on my knees and beg him but he doesn't even look at me and pushes me and I land flat on my butt just then Liam rushes in and shouts"daddy don't hurt mommy I'm the one that drew on your papers and... more info

Story about: pregnancy, marriage, divorce

Ongoing: 25 Feb 71 pages
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Rating: 35

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Listen here you whore Henry was mine first and you stole him from me now I'm taking him back what did you think that I'd let you two get married",she says. " How can you do this to me, I thought you and I were friends",I say. " We rich people can never be friends with the likes of you,... more info

Story about: heartbreak, billionaire hatred and love, billionaires unknown child

Ongoing: 04 Feb 14 pages
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Rating: 4

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