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Aria Haneef
16.08.2021, 13:58:21

Hi Glynnis , Aria here
I’ve started writing a book “THE LOST PRINCESS OF AURIS “ plz do giv my book a read and if u genuinely enjoy it then plz do like my book and follow me!!! ( plz do giv it a try dude)Also any of ur thoughts and suggestions regarding my book are wholeheartedly welcomed!! Here’s to hoping you’ll love my badass heroine and the long journey ahead of her!!!!!

Mari AA
26.05.2021, 02:07:46

Minerva’s white robe fluttered in the wind as she rode her horse to the nearest neighboring village. Tears being dried up by the wind before they get to run down her cheeks. Her golden-brown eyes barely being able to see what is in front of her. Early morning fog covering the Berat plains, leaving a rising sun behind her. She had only a piece of animal fur covering her shoulders.
She was woken up so early and rushed out of the castle, ordered to disappear. Even though she demanded to talk to Constantine, she was denied. She begged to take her young son but was led to the stables and helped onto her horse. It all happened so fast. A Forte-night ago she still laid with Constantine but ever since a messenger came from Maximianus, Constantine was preoccupied and distant towards her.
“What’s your name?” Ardit asks, ignoring all the beautiful, almost half-naked virgins standing in front of him.
He slowly starts to inspect the young virgins in front of him. Grabbing them by their faces, opening their mouths, inspecting their teeth. It takes a couple of inspections before....

Anie Styles
14.05.2021, 09:46:42

hey I am following you.. follow back please

Tam V
13.05.2021, 10:05:33

I was wondering if you want to do a follow-for-follow and a like-for-like?
We could help each other out that way if you are interested?
I would appreciate it if you could like and read my story "Nothing In This World"?
I would do the same for you if you are part of a contest.

Rose Blaze
09.05.2021, 15:06:27

Hi, am new to booknet and I would love to connect with you, please follow me and I promise to follow back. Thank you.

O.J Ebubeoha
21.04.2021, 17:31:41

Hello, how do you do.
My name is Miss Jane, an author on booknet. I would love to connect with you here, and I would be most grateful if you check out my latest book "Crescendo Of Ecstasy" and "Screwed After Dark".
Kindly give a like and follow my page to connect with me.
Thank you very much.

Маїра Цибуліна
12.12.2020, 21:24:39

You would be very welcomed, DEAR READER, to read my story “You are given to me by Heaven”.
“She fell right into his arms from the tree, before allowing his eyes to enjoy her bare legs and not only legs since she was not wearing panties. When Roman saw the eyes of a seductive stranger, he immediately recognized her. At first, he was at a loss, because he did not understand how Asya has got into his house and onto his tree. And then it dawned on him. This was a gift from fate itself! And this time he will not miss her. He will make this red-haired girl fall in love with him, and she will certainly say "yes" to his one more marriage proposal. And Olshanskiy will finally taste the sweets of her lovely body. She will moan and wriggle beneath him, biting her lips with delight.”

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