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O.J Ebubeoha
24.07.2021, 14:20:53

Hey darling,

I am O.J Ebubeoha, an author of romance and erotic novels on booknet. I would love to connect with you and ask you to read some of my books.

Try IGNITED PASSIONS AND ENTHRALLED BY YOU. Like, Comment and Follow my page.

Thank you so much.

Shrishtee Suman
29.05.2021, 12:12:15


I hope you are doing fine. ❤

Could you please check out my books if your time permits? I will be really grateful if you do so.

Sorry, if I have bothered you in any way.

My Books:


Stay safe and keep smiling. ❤



Pooja Roy Bagchi
10.01.2021, 11:19:57

Hi...... I am a newbie writer here and am up with an absolutely catchy LOVE HATE relationship storyline about a King who has captivated his enemy's daughter but he can't really fight his growing desire for his enemy's daughter any more...... but will the enemy's daughter desire for him in the same way ??  will he ever able to tell her about his feeling??
Do check out my new story.... FORBIDDEN PRINCESS
With long chapters and amazing plots.

Cora Sacha
09.12.2020, 14:15:28

https://booknet.com/en/book/fragrance-b294656 Five women fight for the famous Ruby brothers outwitting the handsome brothers. His. Please check out my contemporary romance, Fragrance

Маїра Цибуліна
03.11.2020, 15:07:37

You would be very welcomed, DEAR READER, to read my story “Starving from love”.
“He loved her so much that life without her seemed like a nightmare while she hated him so much that life with him seemed like a nightmare.
“How you don't understand that I don’t love you and would never love you!” Asya was trembling with fright.
“You are wrong, girl! You will love me, if not after tonight, then after other passionate nights that you will spend in my huge bed, making love with me.”
Only tear it. This was the only way to remove such underwear from the female body. In another way, Roman could not imagine how it was possible to remove this, being in such terrible impatience that it was hardly possible in any other way to get rid of this extra piece of fabric, which was superfluous in a woman's wardrobe. These ropes did not warm its owner and did not hide anything from curious eyes. So why were they needed?”

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