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22.04.2023, 01:07:29

Everything happens fast in first chapters as I don't wanted to narrate all of it. Are too many questions that will undiscover in next chapter.
Sinbad isn't in love with Esra.
Don't forget is Oriental and men here are a bit weird when come to love and marriage.

23.04.2023, 18:57:00

Heartfixer, Okay

30.03.2023, 13:33:02

Hey grace. Can you please tell what are you not understanding in the book??

01.04.2023, 16:43:59

Grace, She has some issues. But just started love. You will know. In further updates.

30.03.2023, 05:46:23

Hi darling!
I hope I am not bothering you.
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I hope I see you there soon.
Have a wonderful day!

01.04.2023, 16:25:26

Grace, Thank you ❤️

29.03.2023, 12:24:32

i am a new writer here. please give my books a try. your opinion will help a lot.

Fantasia Swan
15.03.2023, 03:58:06

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04.03.2023, 19:35:54

Hey, grace. I have recently published my new book "Withered" it's a dark romance trope . Please check it out.

09.03.2023, 22:51:51

Piarawrites, Okay

Mira Matic
02.01.2023, 01:35:39

Hello Grace, hope you are doing good... Just wanted to hop in here and say THANK YOU for following me. I would love to hear your thoughts about my new story BIND ME. Its free and it just started. Happy New Year, Mira

Mira Matic
02.01.2023, 01:09:05

Grace, Thank you :)

Stephanie Van Orman
31.12.2022, 21:40:06

Happy New Year!

01.01.2023, 02:12:16

Stephanie Van Orman, Same to you, dear author.

Saumya Tripathi
31.12.2022, 11:05:09

Hi my dear, avid reader!

I hope you are doing fine! I see you like the genre– dark romance. So, would you like to give my story a chance? I'd be honoured to have your opinions shared with me!

Your author,

31.12.2022, 19:11:11

Saumya Tripathi, Okay.

Mira Matic
29.11.2022, 23:13:37

Hi Grace, I am new to Booknet, can you check my ongoing story Second chance I, it would mean a lot to me. All the best, Mira.

30.11.2022, 18:49:33

Mira Matic, You too

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14.11.2022, 16:31:19

Аврора Дейнеко (Avrora Deineko), Are you still on booknet? cause I can't see your book nor your page. Also, I'm sorry this is coming late. Either I didn't see it or I forgot.

12.10.2021, 19:33:48

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14.11.2022, 16:20:12

Wellwisher, I just added it to my library. Sorry I'm replying this late. Either i forgot or I did not see it.

Ann G
05.11.2022, 01:14:20

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