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Наталия Арчер
26.03.2021, 09:25:18

Hello, Yashika!
My name is Natalia Archer, I would like to invite you to take a look at my book “Alice in Mapleland” if you like light funny young-adult romance about sincere feelings and first pure love.
That is my first book, so I will be very grateful to you for any thoughts about the work - whether you like it or not. I appreciate every opinion, it helps a lot.
Thank you very much!
Sorry for disturbing you, if you are not interested. :-)
Have a great day!
Best regards,
Natalia ❤️

Muskan prakash
21.02.2021, 12:13:58

Hi there I'm new on booknet... Please read my story and follow me❤️

Khurshida Khushi
22.11.2020, 15:42:28

Hey dear,
You can use your bank card, or you can buy my book though paypal account. If you are facing problem to buy it then you can take technical help from book. They will answer you within 24 hours. Here is the link you can write to the technical support here:

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