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Hope Momoh



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Mira Matic
18.11.2022, 18:27:15

Hi Hope, I am new to Booknet, it would make me happy if you find time to read my new book, Second Chance I, it's ongoing. All the best, Mira.

Ann G
20.10.2022, 22:37:37

Hi! Would you give my series a chance?
THE LAND BELOW OUR FEET is quite different from the usual storyline here, totally FREE, steamy, already completed, and it has two whole books!
My other series: CRASHING AND BURNING is contemporary romance, also steamy and it has four books as well... They are all FREE!

Godiva Gilbert
04.07.2022, 21:32:56

Hi, I'm an author on Booknet and I would really appreciate it if you can check out my latest book "Bound To Break You." The story is complete and free. I'd love it if you can drop a nice comment and vote by liking the story. Thanks so much ❤

Good afternoon, dear reader!
For your reading, let me offer you my FREE, COMPLETED love story, “Mask for a Ballerina”.

She is a professional ballerina dancing on the stage of a nightclub and hiding her face under a mask.
Character # 1 – “Casanova”, who, without seeing the dancer's face, falls in love with her at first sight.
Character # 2 is a successful entrepreneur who treats the female gender with a certain degree of cynicism. But still, he did not remain indifferent when he saw the mysterious dancer on stage.
Which man can get the acceptance of the mysterious masked girl?
А happy ending story

Good luck! And I will be happy to see you among my readers.

Danny Nat
14.11.2021, 21:18:42

Hello lovely reader!
I have just finished my new book "Coming back to the end"
Please give it a try. It has a lot of drama and love in it.
Hope you'll enjoy it.

14.10.2021, 08:17:57

Please check out my first book ' Twilight in the arms ,is a Mafia Romance I am sure you will like It.Follow, vote, comment and share if you like it add it in your reading. Sorry if it bothered you and thanks too!..... And its FREE TO READ...

Sk Annu
10.09.2021, 17:30:29

Hello, Please check out my first book "Her returns".I am sure you will like it.
Please follow, vote, comment and share if you like it appreciate me a lot, and add it in your reading list to get further notifications and Sorry if I'm bothering you and thank you.

28.08.2021, 13:40:59

Please check out my first book 'The Heartless' Heartbeat'. It is a Mafia romance. I am sure you will like it.
Follow, vote, comment and share if you like it and add it in your reading list to get further notifications.
Sorry if it bothered you and thanks too!

Mari AA
10.05.2021, 12:43:43

If you like VAmpire/Werewolf stories then check out my book Beautiful Beast. It has an ending (Not a cliff-hanger ending) It is for free.

08.04.2021, 10:34:06

Hello Hope....I am dreamweaver. I would like to connect with you. If you have time, please visit my profile by clicking on my name above. I would be glad if you can like, follow and add my book to your library as you wish. No pressure. Take your time.

All the best,

O.J Ebubeoha
21.03.2021, 20:09:45

Hello, I am Miss Jane..
I am a new writer on booknet. I pray this finds you well because I would love to connect with you.
Please do check out my book "SCREAM FOR ME". You can also like, comment and follow my page ..
I would be highly appreciated.

Best Regards...

Наталия Арчер
01.03.2021, 11:40:07

My name is Natalia Archer, I would like to invite you to take a look at my book “Alice in Mapleland” if you like light young-adult romance about sincere feelings and first pure love without any mature content. But nevertheless, it will be full of the joy of experiencing the first feelings, the pleasure of hand-holding, sensations of the first kiss, and drama of the first break-up. Love will win at the end, so be sure of having a good time.
That is my first book, so I will be very grateful to you for any thoughts about the work - whether you like it or not. I appreciate every opinion, it helps a lot.
Thank you very much!
Sorry for disturbing you, if you are not interested. :-)
Have a great day!
Best regards,
Natalia ❤️

Pooja Roy Bagchi
14.12.2020, 17:00:47

Hi...... I am a newbie writer here and am up with an absolutely catchy LOVE HATE relationship storyline about a King who has captivated his enemy's daughter but he can't really fight his growing desire for his enemy's daughter any more...... but will the enemy's daughter desire for him in the same way ??  will he ever able to tell her about his feeling ??
Do check out my new story.... FORBIDDEN PRINCESS
With long chapters and amazing plots.

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