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Clara Star
08.06.2021, 14:00:42

I was wondering if you want to do a follow-for-follow and a like-for-a like.
We could help each other out, that's if you are interested?
I'm aiming to participate in the recent booknet contest. But I need followers and genuine readers in order to achieve commercial status.
I would appreciate it if you could like and read my story "perfect love" and "stubborn Rose" "Rey Ashford-the heart of a good witch "? And the upcoming once
I would do the same for you, and even when you are part of a contest.
Thanks for your support

Martha Martin
04.04.2021, 00:24:06

Follow Me!! I will follow you back! Please check & like my book 'The Eternal Night'. I'm participating in the contest with it...do help!!

02.04.2021, 18:10:01

Hi, am new here and I will love to be friends with you, please follow me I will kindly follow back also it will mean a lot to me if you like and comment on my book "The silent killer'.

Shaheen Sadeka
30.03.2021, 07:56:11

Please do check my book. Follow me and I will follow back in support. Thank you.

Angel grace
01.03.2021, 15:27:31

Hi! I need 100 followers to make my account commercial. If you don't mind can you please follow me? I will do return the favor and follow you back.

Lana Fox
18.02.2021, 22:05:58

Hi there, I am new to Booknet and would love to connect with you.
I have recently decided to expand my horizon from Inkitt to other online platforms, so here I am.
Please follow me and I will happily follow you back.

16.10.2020, 17:19:56

Hi ...just wanted to know what are your views on my story so far. Reply . Thanks .

25.08.2020, 19:59:52

Hi dear

I m new here n I would b glad if u could read my book NOT HIS TO CARE n leave likes and comments as feedback for my work.


U can follow me too if u want...i follow back rt away

Stay safe

simon 1982
23.08.2020, 13:01:35

Thanks for the like you were quick to get that in I took it down again because it's not long enough for the contest yet but it will be soon

simon 1982
23.08.2020, 14:04:34

HypGothic, nice one go for it

20.07.2020, 14:25:41

I have been following your books for a while and they are pretty good.
Hi dear. Please make out time to check on my books
I promise... You won't regret it follow me and like my book... Feel free to comment on it as well,hope you enjoy the story as i keep posting updates. Thanks❤, would really appreciate it if you do

20.07.2020, 16:50:30

Vintage, hi there. Thanks for your comment. I will like your page and follow your book for sure. Please could you mind liking and following my page and book too?

12.07.2020, 16:54:38

hey there. I like your book. I started reading it. I hope you could give a follow and check out my books. thank you.

14.07.2020, 03:05:03

KatherinePetrova, hello, thank you for reaching out. I have liked and followed you in return.

Gracie Ella leonard
12.07.2020, 01:39:08

Hi dear, i have been following you and your books for a while now. Please follow me back and like⭐ my new book titled the blessing in disguise. Feel free to comment on it and save it in your library for future updates. Would really appreciate it if you do dear, thanks❤❤?

Gracie Ella leonard
12.07.2020, 13:38:42

HypGothic, thanks dear you are amazing

simon 1982
13.02.2020, 20:23:29

Hi thanks for the follow

14.02.2020, 05:35:18

simon 1982, hey I actually thought i had been following you for months now and finally worked out that I hadn't been. Bit daft me

05.02.2020, 23:58:31

Comment has been deleted

S. N. Nina Arthur
24.01.2020, 04:24:20

Hi , Ive been following you . I would really like it if you could check my book out once and follow me back . Thank you ❤️

S. N. Nina Arthur
24.01.2020, 08:54:45

HypGothic, Thank you ♥️

Ruechari guru
30.11.2019, 21:47:09

Liking that GURU tag. Looking good : )

17.01.2020, 12:34:24

HypGothic, just a test re: facebook guru conversation to see if it works

Vijay Kerji
22.07.2019, 14:57:09

I hope you like reading my works in Romance and Mystery genres. I have followed you and will look into your stories

23.07.2019, 09:59:15

Vijay Kerji, I will read your book too. Looking forward to it.

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