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O.J Ebubeoha
08.05.2021, 15:16:11

Hello dear, I am Miss Jane and It's Nice to Meet you here on booknet
I am a new author here and I would love you to connect with you. Please check out my new books Enthralled by You and Screwed After Dark.
I would appreciate your likes and comment. Also follow me for more updates.
Thank you very much.

Anonymous Author
29.04.2021, 08:47:46

Hi, I am inviting a couple of readers to read my story, Beautiful Beast, and let me know what they think of it. I hope that you have the time to come read my story that is still free and tell me what you think about it.
Here is a blurp:
A Royal Werewolf family stays at the beautiful abandoned castle. No one really cares to pay attention to the ruined castle at the outskirts of their town, it is a rather scary-looking place at night and a pack of dangerous wild wolves has taken over the place. Well, that is what it appears to the human eye but if you are brave enough to step into the gate, that is always open by-the-way, the castle will reveal its true beauty. But not so fast, before you enter the gates, know this, anyone that has ever entered, ended up dead.
Belle an ordinary human girl learns to love a supernatural beast-looking guy.
Adam, mated with Belle, a human girl, conceived a Werewolf but due to a Vampire attack and an angry Enchantress, turned him into a supernatural Beast, half-vampire, and half-werewolf,

Marilyn Lucero
25.12.2020, 10:32:57

Thank you so much for following me,

Indira Aridni
25.12.2020, 10:32:57

Marilyn Lucero, Welcome ?

Маїра Цибуліна
26.12.2020, 14:58:05

Join our discussion.
A book "Sleeping beauty"
Dear readers!
Yukta Kataria commented such words:
"So she will be spreading her legs infront of Harold not for sex but for what an unlucky fate!...She will never get her intimate parts checked up by a guy and that too Harold... A big NO....I think she will pull it all off.... saying that she is done with it and pretend that she has no interest anymore to know whether she is virgin or not... and get checked up by other hospitals later. Interesting part is how every situation is leading her to do what she swore not to do....I mean if she really give in to this Harold guy, she will be backing off from her words and trampling her pride by giving herself to guy who use women as tissue papers/toys....I don't think our female protagonist will ever do that "
What is your opinion? Comment, please, what will do Sandra Kertis in this situation? What do you think? And what will you do if you were she?
You can comment under Yukta Kataria comments under the book.
Thanks a lot!

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