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Ioana Botea



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Mehak Khan
02.04.2023, 02:18:13

Hello can you please read my story drawn into the cage of a billionaire

28.03.2023, 18:11:12

please give my books a try. i am new writer here. your opinion will mean a lot.

26.03.2023, 13:56:09

Hi darling!
I hope I am not bothering you.
Recently I have published a new dark romance book "Forgiveness No Punishment".
A story that follow the struggles through redemption of our ML Sinbad as try to earn the forgiveness and win the heart of Sibel.
I hope I see you there soon.
Have a wonderful day!

Ayra (author-nim )
02.02.2023, 19:30:21

Hi do you use instagram

Ioana Botea
12.03.2023, 16:30:43

Ayra (author-nim ), And you’re name on Instagram is??

Mehak Khan
10.03.2023, 20:15:16

Hello could you plz read my story drawn into the cage of a billionaire

06.03.2023, 05:30:53

Hiii, I am piara and I have published my new book "Withered" it's a dark romance trope. Please check it out and if you like it then please like, comment and follow.

28.02.2023, 04:53:30

Hiii, I am piara, I have published my book "Begin Again" it's an arranged marriage trope and it's completed. Please check it out and if you like it then please like, comment and follow.

Saumya Tripathi
05.01.2023, 10:31:07

Hi my dear, avid reader!

I hope you are doing fine! I see you like the genre– dark romance. So, would you like to give my story a chance? I'd be honoured to have your opinions shared with me!

Your author,

Ioana Botea
05.01.2023, 17:44:21

Saumya Tripathi, I will! Thank you!!

Mira Matic
09.11.2022, 02:10:08

Hi, I'm new to Booknet. If you find time, check out my first book. I would love to hear your opinion, all the best, Mira.

Mira Matic
15.11.2022, 18:44:01

Ioana Botea, Thank you

Muskan Prakash
07.11.2022, 14:38:50

Hey dear, Winterbreeze (Muskan Prakash) here. How about supporting each other? Can you please take out some time from your busy schedule to read my new novel 'Depth- An abyss of Darkness unveiled' and give it an upvote.

Ioana Botea
15.11.2022, 18:40:11

Winterbreeze, I will! Thank you

Avrora Deineko
13.11.2022, 13:28:53

Good afternoon, dear reader!

For your reading, let me offer you my FREE, COMPLETED story, “Halloween’s night date”.

Could I have imagined that preparing for a college Halloween party would turn into an acquaintance with a mysterious man? Who actually owns a nightclub and is quite seriously pretending to be a wizard? Would I then dare to cross the threshold of this place that looks like an old castle? Maybe not. Or….

Good luck! And I will be happy to see you among my readers.

Ioana Botea
15.11.2022, 18:38:52

Avrora Deineko, I’ve already added on my library!! I want to read it!!

Ann G
20.10.2022, 21:25:35

Hi! Would you give my series a chance?
THE LAND BELOW OUR FEET is quite different from the usual storyline here, totally FREE, steamy, already completed, and it has two whole books!
My other series: CRASHING AND BURNING is contemporary romance, also steamy and it has four books as well... They are all FREE!

Ann G
24.10.2022, 17:35:27

Ioana Botea, Thanks! Hope you like them

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