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Aurora Bluemoon
24.05.2021, 10:21:37

Hey, I would like to connect with you. Lets follow and like each other... Acknowledge me and I will do the same. Also if possible read my book, 'Icicles of Golden Blood'. If you like it, hit like button amd share your comments...
Aurora Bluemoon

Aurora Bluemoon
24.05.2021, 16:33:38

Ironic Story, Thank you for your support. Hope you will like my story.

Tam V
18.05.2021, 10:49:39

I was wondering if you want to do a follow-for-follow and a like-for-like?
I would appreciate it if you could like, comment, read, and add my stories ("Nothing in this world," "A little Crimson" and "More than Just Assisting") to your library?
I would do the same for you if you if you are interested? That way we can help each other out.

Ironic Story
21.05.2021, 10:20:40

Tam V, Alright

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