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Taylor Hyland
07.07.2021, 16:12:11

Halo _ plz follow me back _!! And check out my first story on booknet_!!

zara zara
19.06.2021, 18:17:09

hey Izzy? ummm i would like to know when is the ONCE UPON A STEPBROTHER book 2 coming out thx

Clara Star
05.06.2021, 09:48:23

I was wondering if you want to do a follow-for-follow and a like-for-a like.
We could help each other out, that's if you are interested?
I'm aiming to participate in the recent booknet contest. But I need followers and genuine readers in order to achieve commercial status.
I would appreciate it if you could like and read my story "perfect love" and "stubborn Rose" "Rey Ashford-the heart of a good witch "? And the upcoming once
I would do the same for you, and even when you are part of a contest.
Thanks for your support

Aurora Bluemoon
24.05.2021, 15:00:07

Hey Izzy,
I would like to connect with you here too. Let us follow each other mutually. Acknowledge me and I will do the same. Also, I would be pleased if you give it a try to read my book, "icicles of Golden Blood". If you like it, hit the like button and share your comments. I will definitely do the same.
Thanks in advance,
Aurora Bluemoon

22.05.2021, 05:57:01

Hi I am new here in booknet, I would appreciate if you can follow me and read my book and I will do the same.

02.03.2021, 17:22:15

Hi, am new here and I will love to be friends with you, please follow me I will kindly follow back also it will mean a lot to me if you like and comment on my book "The silent killer'.

02.05.2021, 15:29:59

Safy, Of course, dear. Added it to my library :)

The Scarlett
02.05.2021, 15:07:24

Hello dear..I'm Scarlett. Would you like to checkout my book, 'My Love'? Please like and add it to your library if you think it's interesting. I daily update one chapter to it, so you don't have to wait too long for new chapters.
Follow me dear, for new interesting stories...!
Thank you.

Novels By Taylin
22.04.2021, 23:37:34

You have such beautiful stories, Izzy. Keep up the wonderful work:) ❤️❤️

Martha Martin
04.04.2021, 00:26:18

Follow Me!! I will follow you back! Please check & like my book 'The Eternal Night'. I'm participating in the contest with it...do help!!

Shaheen Sadeka
29.03.2021, 09:31:37

Please do check my book, Mam. Follow me back only if it is okay for you... Thank you.

24.03.2021, 02:08:52

Love ur stories izzy ❤️❤️ They are so beautiful... thank u so much for writing here

Lana Fox
27.02.2021, 21:51:15

Hi there, I am new to Booknet and would love to connect with you.
I have recently decided to expand my horizon from Inkitt to other online platforms, so here I am.
Please follow me and I will happily follow you back.
Also, it would mean a lot to me if you would ‘Like’ my latest novel, TAMING THE ZOOKEEPER.

Obaa Pa
27.12.2020, 21:53:49

Pls wen are we getting demons love book 2.pls update it for us

Ayushi Gupta
09.11.2020, 14:47:16

Hey ❤️ ..why did u remove your " billionaire jewel's " book ? I really wanna read that :-( please publish it again :-(

20.11.2020, 13:28:47

Ayushi Gupta, I'm sorry, dear. I was struggling to write it, and eventually took it off Booknet. I'm currently re-writing it now, and might publish it soon. Sorry again for the trouble, I hope you understand.

Goodness Shadrach
29.01.2020, 13:17:43

Click on the buy button on the book, scroll down to enter Promo code. Input the code and send and the book will then become purchased. I hope you enjoy reading : )

29.01.2020, 13:21:01

Thank you so much!

Teniccia Ray
16.08.2020, 09:55:03

Hey! Could you please do me the favor of reading my first story? It's ongoing. I'll add new chapters soon. Please do check it and comment on it. It'll be so helpful. ❤

19.08.2020, 07:50:47

Teniccia Ray, Of course :)

16.08.2020, 00:32:55

Hullo Izzy, thank you so much for the follow! Also, congrats on your amazing achievement of attaining commercial status!! ^_^ Lately, I've been telling this to each writer I follow back that I'll check out their works one day, so this time is no different haha. I have A Demon's Love in my library & I'm eager to start it as soon as I can based off the synopsis. The cover is gorgeous and the art style kinda reminds me of Margaret Rogerson's novels with her covers for An Enchantment of Ravens & Sorcery of Thorns. Anyway, have a lovely rest of the weekend & take care! :))

17.08.2020, 03:44:33

Izzy, You're welcome & thanks so much for the support as well! ^_^

Vijay Kerji
15.08.2020, 11:45:17

Congratulations! Can you share the secret behind your success in reaching the Commercial Status so soon? I'm interested to learn more about Regular Readers and how to achieve it! All the best!

16.08.2020, 03:24:35

Vijay Kerji, I didn’t really do much. I guess just update regularly, support and read other authors works, and connect with your readers.

simon 1982
14.08.2020, 09:36:45

Hi thank you for liking memories and life it really means a lot

14.08.2020, 10:29:18

simon 1982, Your welcome. It's a beautiful book and I enjoy reading it :)

29.07.2020, 19:42:21

Hi dear can u please have a look on my book
I m new here
Please support n like it.
I do follow back if u follow me hun

Stay safe

04.08.2020, 06:43:03

Izzy, cant wait for u to read it n support hun

Gracie Ella leonard
10.07.2020, 15:06:30

Hi,Izzy ur books are pretty good. Please follow me and like⭐ my new book; the blessing in disguise. Thanks

Gracie Ella leonard
03.08.2020, 15:07:57

Izzy, thanks for reading dear❤❤. i am glad you like it, more updates are coming soonest

21.07.2020, 17:48:52

I have been following your books for a while and they are pretty good.
Hi dear. Please make out time to check on my books
I promise... You won't regret it follow me and like my book... Feel free to comment on it as well,hope you enjoy the story as i keep posting updates. Thanks❤, would really appreciate it if you do

23.07.2020, 08:30:14

Vintage, sure

Goodness Shadrach
04.05.2020, 15:20:02

Hey Izzy, I don't know how this will sound to you but I just want you to know that I mean well.

I went through the annotation of your new book and I feel like you have given away too much information.
I think it's best if it ends with 'One Angel. One Demon. One War. Only one will win'.
That way, you will leave your readers intrigued and in suspenese to know which will win and then you can play a twist on them by letting love win.
It's always interesting to give your readers the unexpected.

But if you think I'm crossing my boundaries and it's best to end the way you did then don't mind me and continue with your book :)

04.05.2020, 17:02:25

Oh, thanks for the suggestion! It sounds great:))

Time Dance kid
08.04.2020, 15:45:09

hey Izzy,i'm new to the site and was requesting if u could give me a shoutout to your fans for my first chapter

Michael A. Romain
04.02.2020, 20:05:27

Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeee!!!!! Thanks!

05.02.2020, 01:21:17

Your welcome:)

28.01.2020, 16:40:25

Hey, I’ve noticed you’ve been active on the site a bit and I just wanted to reach out and say thank you. You’re continual involvement really is appreciated and I think it deserves some love as well. Imma follow you as soon as I get to a laptop (because my phone just isn’t responding to it for some reason, but it won’t be long). I’ll check out your works as well first chance I get. Again, thank you for your wide spread and continuous support =)

29.01.2020, 02:14:23

Your welcome and thank you so much!

S. N. Nina Arthur
31.12.2019, 13:35:15

Hey, can you read my book " Mixed feelings" I'm new to litnet
and its my first book and i need you're opinion on it ?

31.12.2019, 13:37:11


AnnaRCase guru
17.12.2019, 21:52:02

Thanks for the follow

18.12.2019, 13:12:58

Your welcome:)

Vijay Kerji
06.12.2019, 15:39:17

Thank you for taking interest in my works and I'm glad that you followed me to receive future updates. I hope you enjoy reading the rest of my stories and share your feedback.

I've added your work to my library after reading the interesting blurb. I wish you the best and HAPPY READING-WRITING!

06.12.2019, 15:45:14

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! I love your books too, they are really good:)

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