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Bad Kind Of Butterflies


Dear Stomach, Sorry about the butterflies. It's not my fault though. I swear. It's his. It's all his fault. It's all because of Alexander Freaking Richard and his six-foot-tall package of utter male perfection. But I will not fall for my boss, no matter how charming or irresistible or dreamy ... more info

Story about: romance, billionaire, boss

Ongoing: 14 Aug 84 pages
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Rating: 88

#925 in Romance
#432 in Billionaires
#60 in Young adult


Once Upon A Stepbrother


Annabelle Davis loves fairytales, they are her escape from reality. But then again, not all fairytales have a happily ever after. ⭒⭒⭒ He was my stepbrother. My best friend. My family. Nothing more. That is, until one stupid night changed everything, and I couldn’t stop thinking ab... more info

Story about: romance, highschool, stepbrother

Complete 119 pages
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Rating: 155

#34 in Young adult
#12 in School


The Bad Boy Bodyguard


He was the bad boy. She was the not-so-good-good-girl. Her brother was the captain of the basketball team. His best friend was Mr. Popular. ~~~ "What did he say?" I asked. "He told me to be your bodyguard." "My what?!" I scoffed. "Don't listen to him." His expression was unreadable. "What if I... more info

Story about: teenfiction, romance, highschoollove

Complete 98 pages
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Rating: 292

#590 in Young adult
#5529 in Romance


A demon's love


19-year-old Jackson seems like an ordinary boy, smart and hot, but still just a human. He's the typical popular boy, arrogant, narcissistic, and devilishly handsome. But he has a secret, he's a demon. A demon who can't love, can't feel anything but pleasure at someone else's expense. What will ... more info

Story about: romance, demons, forbidden love

Complete 154 pages
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Rating: 322

#1175 in Romance
#193 in Fantasy
#87 in Romantic fantasy

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