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J Dessarroy

Longing to realize his full potential in life amid the pursuit of healing and connection, Nathaniel's story unfolds as he proceeds through the first steps of medical transition. After joining an online forum for LGBT individuals, he meets Christian and opens himself up to a friendship that gradually... more info

Story about: drama, lgbt fiction, slow burn romance

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Rating: 7

#1315 in Romance
#30 in LGBT
#300 in Contemporary Romance


A Childhood Phone Number

J Dessarroy

When Roger finds himself dwelling on the misery that has plagued his family since the death of his younger brother, he soon is compelled to uncover the presence of a previously unknown and incomprehensible malevolence that has made its home within the shambles of his past life.... more info

Story about: horror, thriller, suspense

Complete 31 pages
819 42

Rating: 6

#276 in Horror
#465 in Short stories


Every Hour, On The Hour

J Dessarroy

How do you know who you're speaking to online? How about over SMS and MMS? In this story, the narrator is faced with a night of confusion-induced panic upon receiving bizarre messages from his sister's Facebook account. ... more info

Story about: suspense, horror fiction, technology

Complete 11 pages
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Rating: 3

#275 in Horror
#464 in Short stories