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Ruechari guru 06.08.2019, 01:55:36

Hey Jake, may I suggest to you @LitnetAuthors it is our writer's community on facebook. We also have a group page The Writers Club which is exclusive to Litnet writer's only. So once you like and follow our page you can get invited to the group. It's a sort of safe space to talk about all things writing and a fun way to get to know other authors.

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Jake A. Strife 09.08.2019, 22:08:51

Ruechari, No prob. Thanks for having me. :)

Vijay Kerji 02.08.2019, 17:29:24

Hello, I'm impressed seeing your list of novels and I hope to learn from you. You may enjoy reading my works in Romance and Mystery genres. Please take a look at them and follow me to receive the latest updates. I hope you will. Thank you!

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Jake A. Strife 07.08.2019, 17:12:31

Vijay Kerji, Sorry, I don't have time to read others' works right now. I have a lot going on...

Junior Batley 22.06.2019, 13:50:49

Hey man, just read a little bit of omega virus. It's really immersive! Can't wait to see more!
Btw, could you plz check out my debut novel "Hunter : Marked" and give me a little critique? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

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Junior Batley 23.06.2019, 19:18:50

Jake A. Strife, Sure thing!

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