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Tam V
14.05.2021, 22:27:50

Hello! I was wondering if you want to do a follow-for-follow and a like-for-like?
We could help each other out that way if you are interested?
I would appreciate it if you could like and read my two stories called: "Nothing In This World" and "More Than Just Assisting"?
I would do the same for you.

Lana Fox
27.02.2021, 21:50:30

Hi there, I am new to Booknet and would love to connect with you.
I have recently decided to expand my horizon from Inkitt to other online platforms, so here I am.
Please follow me and I will happily follow you back.
Also, it would mean a lot to me if you would ‘Like’ my latest novel, TAMING THE ZOOKEEPER.

Ruechari guru
09.08.2019, 05:33:13

Hello Janeathewriter may I suggest to you @LitnetAuthors it is our writer's community on facebook. We also have a group page The Writers Club which is exclusive to Litnet writer's only. So once you like and follow our page you can get invited to the group. It's a sort of safe space to talk about all things writing and a fun way to get to know other authors. Best Wishes to you!