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Mira Matic
06.11.2022, 13:58:52

Hy, I am a new author on Booknet, I just finished my first book. Please read it when you have time and let me know your thoughts. I love to hear comments from readers, that's the point of writing. All the best, Mira.

Наталия Арчер
07.05.2021, 01:25:26

Hello, Jessie!
My name is Natalia Archer, I would like to invite you to take a look at my free book “Alice in Mapleland” if you like light funny young-adult romance about sincere feelings and first pure love without mature content.
It’s almost finished.
That is my first book, so I will be very grateful to you for any thoughts about the work - whether you like it or not. I appreciate every opinion, it helps a lot.
Thank you very much!
Sorry for disturbing you, if you are not interested. :-)
Have a great day!
Best regards,
Natalia ❤️

Наталия Арчер
07.05.2021, 09:10:26

Jessie Achen, Thank you very much, Jessie! We have this in common - I love to read too. :)
Thank you for your responsiveness, Jessie!
Have a wonderful day! ❤️

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