Kajal Sunar


Posted: 03.10.20, 20:29:16

Hey Guys, Yes, I know I haven’t updated in a while, but I am committed to my professional work stuff. I am managing to write on the “BE MY MAN!” Story parallel. So, I will update the whole complete story soon. Thank you for being so patient. I do appreciate that you have added it to your reading library. Making you guys waiting for long isn’t something I like.  XOXO Read more...

Posted: 01.09.20, 15:16:05

Hey all, I hope you all are doing great. Here is my new story "BE MY MAN...!" and as I have completed the first 2 chapters, I am happy to post it out for reading. I hope you will like it, though if you haven't read my 1st novel "To Me You're Perfect!" Then I will recommend you to read it first in case you want to know about the main lead Aarav of this novel. Because I Read more...
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