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Hello Readers, thanks to all of you for checking out my books and I won't disappoint you and also most of my stories will be based on romance and female leads. If you have any complain about the story please do inform me and also always remember to like, comment and follow my page Thank you all❤️


The blind billionaire and his lover (2 stories)


The Blind Billionaire And His Lover

Kehinde Jayeoba

Alan is the present heir and owner of the Clinton Empire then he lost his sight temporarily in an accident and he needs to get a wife to keep his position from getting taken away by others. Vienna take Alan as her enemy after he made her family suffer a great loss three years ago and renounce their... more info

Story about: love and affection, love contract, love and happy endings

Complete 187 pages
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Rating: 170

#318 in Romance
#187 in Billionaires


The Blind Billionaire And His Lover 2

Kehinde Jayeoba

After Vienna and Alan manage to get together despite everything and also manage to get rid of Karen, another guy appeared who is very similar to Alan's younger self and became friends with her. Although Vienna thinks that it's just a mere coincidence but Alan thinks otherwise and even start to suspe... more info

Story about: trust and doubts

Ongoing: 12 Apr 17 pages
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Rating: 8

#428 in Romance
#250 in Billionaires

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Is It Okay To Love You

Kehinde Jayeoba

Anna is a top model with a personality problem. She has suffered a lot from childhood due to the circumstance of her birth ad having to Bear the burden of her son which is as a result of rape. She hates two people the most in her life, her mother and the father of her son Then she suddenly gets enta... more info

Story about: love to hate, love and past, love & tragedy

Ongoing: 12 Apr 19 pages
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Rating: 11

#444 in Romance
#25 in Contemporary fiction
#5 in Urban life


Nice to meet you again

Kehinde Jayeoba

Maxwell_ A very wealthy man and handsome billionaire falls in love with a girl he met five years ago and after meeting her again. He decided not to ever let her go again. Sonya has nothing to worry about has her life was perfect. Then suddenly one day she lost her mother and her dad disappeared. ... more info

Story about: love at first sight, finding love

Complete 260 pages
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Rating: 177

#308 in Romance
#180 in Billionaires

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