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Lamia Perveen



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Good afternoon, dear reader!
For your reading, let me offer you my FREE, COMPLETED love story, “Mask for a Ballerina”.

She is a professional ballerina dancing on the stage of a nightclub and hiding her face under a mask.
Character # 1 – “Casanova”, who, without seeing the dancer's face, falls in love with her at first sight.
Character # 2 is a successful entrepreneur who treats the female gender with a certain degree of cynicism. But still, he did not remain indifferent when he saw the mysterious dancer on stage.
Which man can get the acceptance of the mysterious masked girl?
А happy ending story

Good luck! And I will be happy to see you among my readers.

Mari AA
04.06.2021, 19:03:36

New Book Alert: Touched by Forever:

Ann Willow a human teenager finds herself in a Supernatural World, filled with Vampires, Werewolves, Hybrids, and everything in-between. What will become of Ann when she falls in love with the Supernaturals of this new reality she finds herself in?

You will find this book by clicking on my name (on my profile)

O.J Ebubeoha
03.05.2021, 20:43:04

Hello dear, I am Miss Jane and It's Nice to Meet you here on booknet
I am a new author here and I would love you to connect with you. Please check out my new books Enthralled by You and Screwed After Dark.
I would appreciate your likes and comment. Also follow me for more updates.
Thank you very much.

O.J Ebubeoha
03.05.2021, 21:35:36

Lamia Perveen, Thank you very much. I appreciate

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