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Till I Met You

Love Egbejale

For Jonina Samuels, it had always been a hard knock life. Between having an evil step mother and equally evil step siblings, she had lost hope in ever having a good or remotely peaceful life and she had braced herself to take whatever life threw at her.  Nothing really rattled her as she grew ol... more info

Story about: royalty teen fiction teenage love

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Rating: 53

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Someone Like You

Love Egbejale

When his first love is cruelly snatched away, HRH Prince Leonidas decides to put love and intimate relationships on the back burner. He succeeds for a while, until he meets Elisabeth, a striking young woman with a smart mouth and an attitude that warns him that she isn't a pushover. He is forced ... more info

Story about: heartbreak, royalromance, second chance

Ongoing: 09 Aug 134 pages
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Rating: 44

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His And Hers

Love Egbejale

All Saira Anderson wanted was to finish university with good grades, get a good job and probably get married someday and this meant not getting on anyone's bad side in school but unfortunately for her; fate had something else in store for her that brought her in close contact with the school's bad b... more info

Story about: reincarnation, eternal love and betrayal

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Rating: 22

#690 in Romance
#42 in New Adult & College


Husband For Hire

Love Egbejale

"Beautiful, wealthy but unlucky". Was what everyone thought of Isabella Arroyo; gorgeous African - Mexican billionaire after she was dumped by fiance number three at a friend's party. Swearing off men, she goes on an extended vacation to her mother's country to lick her wounds and hide away from ... more info

Story about: billionaire, arranged marriage, poor and rich romance

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Rating: 51

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His Only Obsession

Love Egbejale

The saying that revenge is a dish best served cold had never been truer in Richard Gilbert's case.  Orphaned at the age of ten, he had to work very hard for everything to be able to get back what was stolen from his family and to do that- he got close to the daughter of his father's enemy; Meira Da... more info

Story about: billionaire revenge friends to lovers

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Rating: 123

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Forbidden Passion

Love Egbejale

She is a maid. He is a prince. Two different people from different worlds but that doesn't stop them from going down the forbidden path. "I want you...". He trailed off on purpose. "Your..your highness?". She stuttered. He laughed. "Relax Ce. He said. Can I call you Ce?". " you can call me... more info

Story about: age gap royalty forbidden love

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Rating: 97

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Must Date The Playboy

Love Egbejale

Jean Anna is a shy soft spoken person but feisty when provoked. Prince Andrei Sebastiani is a professional playboy who gets any girl he wants anytime. He doesn't do relationships but when his and Jean Anna's paths cross,he knows he has to have her but Jean proves stubborn. "No" isn't a word in a S... more info

Story about: royalty african drama love

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Rating: 152

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