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Luse Chintu



It's Complicated (4 stories)


It's complicated....

Luse Chintu

Kamil is my adopted sister. My parents had two sons, David and Mason, both conceived with much health difficulty hence the need to adopt. When Kamil was 13 she was shipped off to boarding school, only to return 8 years later.... Sophisticated and a whole different person. What happened to my siste... more info

Story about: love at first sight, lovelust

Complete 246 pages
304394 4391

Rating: 466

#268 in Erotic
#193 in Romantic erotica
#681 in Romance


Its Complicated 2

Luse Chintu

A journey that all started with Kamil and her adoptive parents, florished into a beautiful life story of how she met the love of her life Antonio- the President of Italy. How that love blossomed into having a big extended and complicated family. Those that chose to define life and love by their own ... more info

Story about: erotic romance, lovedrama, sex and love

Complete 351 pages
27624 719

Rating: 224

#1623 in Erotic
#926 in Romantic erotica


It's Complicated Book 3

Luse Chintu

Kamil and Antonion had done a great job raising their children in to fine men and women in society, the watched them fall in and out of live and then back in again! They also watched as their children grew up to become parents too! They embacked on a journey of being grand parents, with each grand ... more info

Story about: youngadult, sex, love and fate

Complete 161 pages
16543 343

Rating: 49

#1378 in Erotic
#779 in Romantic erotica


It's Complicated Book 4

Luse Chintu

For a while now HR has been pushing this intern agenda on me, saying its part of giving back to the community and also a way of mentorship. Frankly I dont think I have much use for interns honestly, but it has to be done! So I signed in on it last week and it's going according to plan, HR is picking... more info

Story about: religion differences, love romance, sex passion

On Hold: 13 May 80 pages
3829 108

Rating: 10

#856 in Erotic
#499 in Romantic erotica

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Luse Chintu

Sam Cage was a billionaire who worked long unnecessary hours just to avoid spending more time in his own home. He invested all his energy in his work to avoid his issues and because of that, his company became one of the well known mining companies in Zambia... Sally Moore was his assistant having w... more info

Story about: renewed hope, love

On Hold: 13 May 58 pages
10340 217

Rating: 24

#8867 in Romance
#3180 in Billionaires

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