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Mehak khan
04.08.2022, 19:41:31

Hello could you please onces read my stories if you like than don't forget to like comment :)

Mehak khan
04.08.2022, 22:44:00

Meenu Loomba, Thank you:)

08.07.2022, 13:30:43

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Godiva Gilbert
05.07.2022, 10:01:14

Hi, I'm an author on Booknet and I would really appreciate it if you can check out my latest book "Bound To Break You." The story is complete and free. I'd love it if you can drop a nice review and vote by liking the story. Thanks so much ❤

27.06.2022, 12:27:28

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Priya Amour
01.06.2022, 07:08:20


Would you like to read my supernatural, romantic suspense book? (TO PROTECT MATE & BOND)

On one hand, a man leading the whole city of Atlanta being the Alpha of the pack of werewolves in the city, and being a billionaire businessman, he hides two secrets.

On the other side, a girl who hates werewolves for some past reasons, but what will happen if she is a mate of the powerful Alpha. Did she truly hate him? Whom does she hate in real?

What if he comes to know why she hates werewolves and what stops her from coming near him?

He wants his mate by every nook and corner but what will happen if he comes to know that it will cause his death? Will he fight with the fate to seal his mate with him?

Join in the journey of DEVLIN AND LUCY.

If you find it worth then please give your support to my book and I'm eager to see your response.

Palos Verdes
05.04.2022, 22:06:42

Hey dear! Can you please give my book a shot. I'm new to this writing stuff and trying to improve myself and need honest advise. Thank you ❤️

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