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Susie Wang 19.10.2020, 09:14:21

Good day! This is Susie from a Top 5 online reading platform. We really love your stories and would like to license your works to our platform. Our partner writers can get about 5000 USD share per month. We currently are specifically looking for werewolf/romance genre, and your novels perfectly match our needs.

My email is, please leave your email here or send me an email, I'll get back to you with more details ASAP. Please do give us a chance and at least take a look at what we can offer, thanks!

KAILASH KAILASH 06.10.2020, 14:27:59

I am not able to read any chapter after 22 and Author's note.. There is some notifications regarding updated chapters but can't seen any updation ... How can I read updated ones

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