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Nadine Eryomina



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Nadine Eryomina

The story of a miracle that saved a life.... more info

Story about: miracle

Complete 1 pages
129 1

Rating: 1

#1573 in Fantasy
#355 in Short stories


Don't offend my sisters

Nadine Eryomina

Do you live under the same roof with three sisters, tolerate their constant antics and do not even dream of getting rid of them? Do you run away from home at night to dangerous places? Do moral freaks cross your path? Are you being carried around by mages you don't know? Are unexpected imperial edic... more info

Story about: academy of magic, necromancer, witch

On Hold: 09 May 17 pages
357 12

Rating: 2

#1579 in Fantasy
#628 in Romantic fantasy
#576 in Mystery

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