Nia Shan


DSD SERIES (3 stories)


Dominant (book 1)

Nia Shan

CHRISTINA HASE AGE: 20 years OCCUPATION: Interior Designer for one of the top Design companies in California. HOBBIES: Designing, Drawing, Dancing and dominating men JOHNATTAN BLAKE AGE: 24 years OCCUPATION: CEO of Blake's Architecture, the riches architectural firm in New York. HOBBIES: Bi... more info

Story about: contract, dominance, sex and love

Complete 210 pages
54550 1340

Rating: 139

#323 in Erotic
#217 in Romantic erotica
#38 in BDSM


Submit (book 2)

Nia Shan

BOOK 2 of DSD Series., BOOK 1- Dominant. CHRISTINA HASE knew the dangers of striking a contract with a fellow dominant. She knew this would open scars she tried to keep close but her body deceived her- or was it her heart? Running away was a cowardly move but what could she do when all those sca... more info

Story about: miracles, millionaire, deceit

Complete 407 pages
31031 816

Rating: 97

#399 in Erotic
#264 in Romantic erotica
#44 in BDSM


Discipline (daily updates)

Nia Shan

A two-year affair with the son of mother’s best friend leaves Indiana on the verge of breaking down. A childhood crush that developed into a rich and pure love... or at least that’s what she thought it was... vanished with her lover and leaving her with the aftermath. Eight years later, he... more info

Story about: secret relationship, millionaire, mafialove

Complete 448 pages
44449 868

Rating: 138

#390 in Erotic
#258 in Romantic erotica
#43 in BDSM

The Gangleader's Obsession (2 stories)


The Gangleader's Obsession

Nia Shan

"I want you as my trophy." "Where is now that you need him, princesa?" Shania Jakes has been through a life of hardships and is looking for a haven. She chooses Brad Homes as that haven. He is the young, hot, brilliant and rich CEO of Homes Enterprises and GEM Co. She thinks marrying hi... more info

Story about: gangleader, betrayal heartbreak action, marriage drama

Complete 127 pages
11918 500

Rating: 35

#1104 in Erotic
#659 in Romantic erotica
#1931 in Fantasy
#143 in Action fantasy


The Gangleader's Gem

Nia Shan

One unfortunate day while attending a school trip Shaneil was kidnapped and her whole life ripped from her hands. After being kidnapped Shaneil is raised by the villain himself, Giovanni. This man that tortured her mother and destroyed her life. She learns how to survive their lifestyle, defend h... more info

Story about: gangleader, mafia and kidnapped, crime and romance

Complete 135 pages
9143 242

Rating: 21

#558 in Thrillers & Suspense
#127 in Crime fiction
#1791 in Fantasy
#132 in Action fantasy

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