Accidentally in Love


Anvita, the free-spirited, extremely confident, and bold girl is returning to India after a long time. Doctor by profession she gets shocked when she lands at her own secret wedding ceremony. She learns that it was all planned by her family. Irked by the thought that her own family trapped her into ... more info

Story about: pregnancy, love and relationship, accidental love

Ongoing: 17 Sep 21 pages
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Rating: 15

#95 in Romance
#24 in Contemporary Romance
#15 in Romantic suspense


Voyage- A Chase Forever


"Even if you forget me tomorrow, I'll keep loving you," He said gazing deep into my eyes, his hands clutching mine, he leaning over me "Till the death " he added gently leaving his firm hold from my hands. "Get Lost!" I said, holding back the hurt expressions. I knew he was at fault and he didn... more info

Story about: billionaireromance, romantic emotional love, billionaire love

Ongoing: 17 Sep 51 pages
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Rating: 4

#222 in Romance
#98 in Billionaires
#55 in Contemporary Romance

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