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Corporate Babies (3 stories)


Corporate Babies - Leah

NM Rudman

Building your empire from the ground up isn't easy but adding a baby just isn't advisable. Leah Mackenzie is working hard at building her business in an industry that still views woman as the stay-at-home sort but after a very close, personal encounter with a Stanger at a party she has to adjust... more info

Story about: romantic comedy, pregnancy and billionaire, secret baby

Complete 50 pages
6140 220

Rating: 26

#759 in Romance
#367 in Billionaires
#176 in Contemporary Romance


Corporate Babies - Olivia

NM Rudman

Olivia Bennett is up and coming realtor with a bright future, according to her boss, If the biggest contract to come into town, would just make up his mind on the house he wants, it would make life so much easier. Although he drives me insane but maybe I can overlook that as he's man candy and my sw... more info

Story about: billianiare romance, romantic comedy, billionaire baby daddy

Complete 24 pages
2690 130

Rating: 21

#4227 in Romance
#1369 in Billionaires
#772 in Contemporary Romance


Corporate Babies - Scarlett

NM Rudman

I met a guy, we had a good time together but I got pregnant, he left to get me some midnight fudge ice-cream and never came back. I found out he owns a construction company. I dressed as a construction worker while 8 months pregnant, not my finest moment. But this isn't Blaine Carter that I know, th... more info

Story about: mistaken identity, pregnancy betrayal billionaire and love, construction baby

Complete 23 pages
2524 103

Rating: 19

#1222 in Romance
#179 in Romantic suspense

Zombie series (3 stories)



NM Rudman

It was just a normal day, get up, have coffee, get back to the pyramid and carry on working from where we left off the day before, you know, normal. But after a ancient gas is released in a newly found chamber and people start getting sick, we are required to return home but while we are in mandator... more info

Story about: survival, romance, zombie apocalypse

Complete 45 pages
60 7

Rating: 17

#8 in Horror
#1221 in Romance



NM Rudman

What do you expect while enjoying a weeks get away on an island resort? Sun, surf, drinks, hot guys but a zombie apocalypse? not even close but for Clarissa, that's exactly what happened. When the fairy bringing a few more guests, crashes at the resorts shores, bringing with it a nightmare of epic ... more info

Story about: zombie apocalypse romance, island adventure, survival

On Hold: 17 Nov 14 pages
12 7

Rating: 13

#116 in Horror
#3951 in Romance
#322 in Paranormal Romance


Kiss ass

NM Rudman

We left just in time, evacuated the city and made it to the cabin in Mount Elbert just before the biggest wave of zombies hit. Here we are living in seclusion, the only people for miles, living or dead, we brought survival items with us but what happens when we start running out? I have been on the ... more info

Story about: pregnant and zombies, survival, zombie apocalypse

On Hold: 13 Jul 13 pages
15 8

Rating: 5

#16 in Horror
#1410 in Romance
#84 in Paranormal Romance

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