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16.10.2021, 16:57:57

Please check out my first book ' Twilight in the arms ,is a Mafia Romance I am sure you will like It.Follow, vote, comment and share if you like it add it in your reading. Sorry if it bothered you and thanks too!..... And its FREE TO READ...

Karla Canizales
10.10.2021, 03:44:53

Hi, I invite you to read my book Sweet Lies, full of humor and romance. If you wish, you can comment, vote and save it to receive notifications. I would appreciate it in advance!!!

Maureen Mutahi
02.10.2021, 18:30:57

Hello Nonkanyiso, Am Maureen am inviting you to check out my other books
Way beyond awakening, Expected, Its's just simply complicated
Leave your likes and thoughts too, would mean alot :) :)

Pooja Roy Bagchi
08.09.2021, 11:36:03

Hey Sweets ❤, Hope you're doing good. If you have a little time than please check out my 2nd book RIVALS FOREVER.... Highly ambitious, straightforward, and no space for nonsense that's the way Eva Blue is . who only loves her work and gives all her time to her business..... But..... what will happen when she crosses her path with her Business Rival with a charming personality, Zack Westwood who keep on sticking around her for her attention ?? What happens when they both are selected for a tough competition to present their business projects. .....

Farheen shah
07.09.2021, 09:58:32

Hey beautiful its farheen here. Can you check out my books. One is completed and another is ongoing. Euphoria... the new beginning (completed) loving you is a losing game (ongoing) Hope you'll like the contents. And if you enjoy my books please do follow and like it. It'll encourage me(人 •͈ᴗ•͈) thank you have a good day and stay healthy and safe.

02.09.2021, 17:19:26

Please check out my first book 'The Heartless' Heartbeat'. It is a Mafia romance. I am sure you will like it.
Follow, vote, comment and share if you like it and add it in your reading list to get further notifications.
Sorry if it bothered you and thanks too!

Anna Lane
28.08.2021, 22:25:48

Hi there! Thank you so much for following my page. It's much appreciated I hope you'll find my stories interesting. I love to hear what you think of them.

Xo Anna

Riya Sarkar
28.08.2021, 08:25:43

Hello dear reader,
I'm Riya Sarkar Author of Booknet inviting you to check out my profile and read my books. It would be a great help if you could read my latest book "TAINTED SECRETS" and give me feedback on it. Your likes on my book is very appreciated.
Good day. :)

O.J Ebubeoha
24.07.2021, 14:30:59

Hey darling,

I am O.J Ebubeoha, an author of romance and erotic novels on booknet. I would love to connect with you and ask you to read some of my books.

Try IGNITED PASSIONS AND ENTHRALLED BY YOU. Like, Comment and Follow my page.

Thank you so much.

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