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HUNTED (2 stories)



Oy mitchell

"Fun might be boring, Should we sit idle then?" After hearing tales of a hunted house, debby leads her two best friends on a quest to find out the real story behind the house. A short story. ... more info

Story about: three friends in a hunted house

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Rating: 13

#196 in Horror
#122 in Paranormal
#712 in Mystery


Hunted 2

Oy mitchell

Jenny, Saz and ik find themselves in the popular hunted mansion due to disbelief. While fighting to come out alive, they learn a valuable lesson on what and what not to belief. A short story and the second book in the hunted series... more info

Story about: three friends in a hunted house

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Rating: 0

#101 in Horror
#62 in Paranormal
#363 in Mystery

Books outside of any series



Oy mitchell

New tenant moon has to prove himself to his neighbors when a dangerous criminal is on the loose and he becomes the number one suspect.... more info

Story about: crime fiction

Ongoing: 06 Jul 8 pages
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Rating: 1

#149 in Thrillers & Suspense
#24 in Action thriller
#26 in Crime fiction


Red Rose

Oy mitchell

True love can be testing, Emily finds it hard to move on after her first love experience. Would she surmon the courage to love again? Follow the love and heart break story of Emily and Barry. Red Rose.... more info

Story about: love heartbreak and moving on

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Rating: 1

#2285 in Romance
#106 in Short stories


Beginning Of The End

Oy mitchell

After years of waiting, Amir's plan of revenge is exposed and the consequences of his action affects his family. A short story.... more info

Story about: family love anger consequences

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Rating: 2

#177 in Short stories
#299 in Others
#109 in Humor



Oy mitchell

Falling in love with the billionaire wasn't part of the plan, but Amy couldn't help it he was more than she thought he would be-- physically and all. His pretense and maturity made her hide her feelings in the cover of gratitude while he uses the cover of helping her to keep her around. She ... more info

Story about: complicated love billionaire school

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Rating: 9

#1302 in Romance
#97 in Young adult