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Paulina Albert



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29.03.2023, 04:31:22

Hi darling!
I hope I am not bothering you.
Recently I have published a new dark romance book "Forgiveness No Punishment".
A story that follow the struggles through redemption of our ML Sinbad as try to earn the forgiveness and win the heart of Sibel.
I hope I see you there soon.
Have a wonderful day!

16.03.2023, 04:55:08

Hiii, I am piara and I have recently published my new book "Withered" it's a dark romance trope. Please check it out and if you like it then please like, comment and follow.

Fantasia Swan
15.03.2023, 04:29:43

Hi ! I am Fantasia. I have published a new book ' caged in his paradise ' . It's a revenge game with darkromance . I am inviting you read my book . Thank you in advance :)

Zainab Ajike
22.02.2023, 08:27:33

Hello, Paulina. This is the author of bullied by my boss. I want to apologise for disappointing you and also I want to inform you that I am removing the story from booknet. We can chat on insta. Please check my profile for my insta handle. Thank you

Saumya Tripathi
21.01.2023, 23:50:05

Hi my dear, avid reader!

I hope you are doing fine! I see you like the genre– dark romance. So, would you like to give my story a chance? I'd be honoured to have your opinions shared with me! Also, if you like my story then, please give it a follow!

Your author,

03.01.2023, 14:15:48

Hiii, I am piara new author on Booknet. I have published my new book "Begin Again" it's an arranged marriage trope. Please check it out.

Mira Matic
02.01.2023, 07:45:36

Hi Paulina, I just started a new story, BIND ME, it would mean a lot if you give it a try. It's free. Happy New Year, and all the best, Mira.

Mira Matic
02.01.2023, 14:30:31

Paulina Albert, It means a lot, take care.

Ipsa singh
22.12.2022, 13:04:03

Please tell author Nehr that i emailed booknet and they said they have blocked the book because of plagiarism. Someone must have reported the book. Sadly, I cannot even see author Nehr's profile too....idk what's going on......

Ipsa singh
22.12.2022, 12:19:01

Paulina Albert, Yeah, I've sent an email again for the same, I just wish author comes back...

O.J Ebubeoha
17.12.2022, 12:37:17

Hello Book Lover,

I'm Jane, a contemporary romance storyteller on Booknet. I just published a Christmas Story: Yuletide Memories on my page and I'm inviting you to take a sneak peek at it.

Here's the link:

Or you can visit my page, like, comment, and connect with me if you genuinely appreciate my work.

Thank you.

Mira Matic
29.11.2022, 23:14:18

Hi Paulina, I am new to Booknet, can you check my ongoing story Second chance I, it would mean a lot to me. All the best, Mira.

Mira Matic
30.11.2022, 11:24:18

Paulina Albert, Second chance I, it's ongoing. Thank you for responding, it means a lot.

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