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Petillant Alba



Forbidden Blood (2 stories)


Forbidden Blood 1

Petillant Alba

"Please" Her back hit the wall as she stepped back. Tears were continuously streaming down her eyes. He licked her making her shiver. "You taste heavenly " A moan escaped through his lips as she started shuddering in his embrace. "P.. please" again a plea escaped through her quivering lips. ♦... more info

Story about: vampire curses, erotic sex jealousy secrets, paranormal vampire darkromance

Complete 130 pages
50378 1088

Rating: 247

#1090 in Romance
#46 in Paranormal Romance
#149 in Fantasy
#65 in Romantic fantasy


Forbidden Blood 2

Petillant Alba

"STRIP"His cold deadly voice echoed in the darkness of the room. "I-I a-am your wife." She stuttered as tears were part of her life then. " I DON'T GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT THAT. YOU ARE JUST A WHORE TO ME." He roared as he grasped her throat making her choke. " You are nothing to me now." He hissed... more info

Story about: forcedlove, vampire curses, vampire and human

Complete 124 pages
31212 507

Rating: 226

#134 in Fantasy
#61 in Romantic fantasy
#359 in Erotic
#247 in Romantic erotica

MAFIA SERIES. (2 stories)


Mafia's Dawn

Petillant Alba

She is far away from the darkness. He lives in the darkness. She can't sleep after seeing someone crying. He only sleeps making others life hell. She is a flower . A sweet delicate flower. He is a thorn. Who can make people bleed easily . ••••••••... more info

Story about: darkromance, forcedmarriage, mafialove

Complete 166 pages
296240 3726

Rating: 973

#152 in Romance
#73 in Billionaires
#77 in Erotic
#53 in Romantic erotica


All He Wanted

Petillant Alba

DARK ROMANCE"I would go through you so hard that the only thing you would remember is my name." He rasped near her ear as heat crawled down her core that was in his hold. He was playing with her folds possessively•°•Anna Khan was fierce yet innocent girl. The worst thing in her that always led ... more info

Story about: secretary, mafiaromance, grumpy billionaire

Complete 151 pages
72702 1712

Rating: 261

#205 in Romance
#100 in Billionaires
#97 in Erotic
#68 in Romantic erotica

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