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Pratiksha Routray



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09.11.2022, 11:05:27

Hiiii, I am piara. New author on this platform. I have recently published my first ever book "Heaven" it's ongoing. So, please check it out and if you like it then please like, comment & share. I'll do the same with yours.

16.06.2022, 07:16:23

Hi, your writing "Deadly Poison" piqued my interest . I'd like to give you an offer to write on my platform.
If you are interested, may i know your IG? or you may reach me on IG: ods.apa

Tanya Jaiswal
02.06.2022, 22:13:05

Hi author where can I find ur book the distance between us?

Jyotika Mewara
27.05.2022, 18:13:34

I would love to connect with you.
Please follow me and I will follow back.
Also, I would love if it you Like my Novel 'Cage In Safe Hand' and give it a read. It's a story of warevolves. I think, that you will not be disappointed.
I would love it if you give it a read :)

Thank You

Jyotika Mewara
28.05.2022, 11:02:14

Pratiksha Routray, I would wait for your precious review

Ajmiri Ali (Nila)
31.10.2021, 21:21:36

Hi, I am a new writer here.
can you please follow me and check my book "Mending her"?
If you like it please give it a like.

30.09.2021, 14:12:00

Hey, would you like to follow me and I will follow back you. Thanks.

Pratiksha Routray
30.09.2021, 17:27:31

Renee, Sure

Clara Star
05.06.2021, 09:07:31

I was wondering if you want to do a follow-for-follow and a like-for-a like.
We could help each other out, that's if you are interested?
I'm aiming to participate in the recent booknet contest. But I need followers and genuine readers in order to achieve commercial status.
I would appreciate it if you could like and read my story "perfect love" and "stubborn Rose" "Rey Ashford-the heart of a good witch "? And the upcoming once
I would do the same for you, and even when you are part of a contest.
Thanks for your support

09.05.2021, 14:20:57

Hello! I am a new author on this platform and I would love to connect with my fellow authors. I was wondering if you'd like to do a follow for follow and like for like for our books so that we both can help each other grow? It will mean a lot to me.
Thank you so much. :)

Jan Garnet
13.04.2021, 01:06:32

Hi! I'm new in Booknet. I hope you can check my book :LEAP OF FATE. If enjoyed it, please 'LIKE' and add to your library. I'm also happy to do follow for follow :)

Lana Fox
19.02.2021, 23:09:06

Hi there, I am new to Booknet and would love to connect with you.
I have recently decided to expand my horizon from Inkitt to other online platforms, so here I am.
Please follow me and I will happily follow you back.
Also, it would mean a lot to me if you would ‘Like’ my latest novel, TAMING THE ZOOKEEPER.

Athena Roy
16.02.2021, 11:34:09

hey,I am a new author on booknet.Please checkout my book and support.

She was lying Senseless in my arms. I was yelling at Marcus too drive faster. It felt like someone was trying to shred my soul into fragments. I was heard it precise,I was afraid, Lord of Underworld was afraid. Afraid to lose his other half, his soulmate, the Love of His Eternal Life. My little princess, my universe was lying unconscious in my arms while her stomach was bleeding profusely. I'm sure she've already lost too much amount of blood. I'm taking straight to the Mansion....yeah,Mansion because even if I take her to Hospital, doctor won't be able to save her. Only Magic can save her. I'm just hoping she still have time left. I've already ordered everyone in the Mansion to prepare everything which will be needed for my lil angel. And have asked Healer to be present there, by the time we reach there, well to be exact threatened. If princess would be alright she would've scold me for doing so but I've to do it for her sake. I chuckle remembering about her sweet scoldings she always give me but am brutally dragged back to the painful reality.
MY LITTLE BABY I failed to protect you.

Athena Roy
16.02.2021, 10:34:35

Athena Roy, do like, comment and share.

Teniccia Ray
16.08.2020, 12:59:29

Hey! Could you please do me the favor of reading my first story. It's ongoing. I'll add new chapters soon. Please do check it and comment on it if you like it. It'll be very helpful. ❤

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