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Pratiksha Routray



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His Hybrid Queen

Pratiksha Routray

Alexandra Garcia is a beautiful, strong and smart she wolf whose childhood was filled with heartbreaks. She was only 10years old when she lost her mother and since then she has been taking care of herself and her younger sister. She is the next in line of being an Alpha of second largest pack. H... more info

Story about: werewolf, secrets, hatelove

On Hold: 12 Nov 95 pages
6533 144

Rating: 28

#405 in Mystery
#228 in Supernaturals
#1100 in Fantasy
#295 in Dark fantasy


Devil's Innocent Love

Pratiksha Routray

Have you ever felt alone in a crowd before? Thats the predicament  faced by Divya Aggarwal. She is a simple girl  from an elite family. Her parents have great expectations  from her and as a result always end up comparing her with their eldest daughter who is a gifted genius. This leads to a feel... more info

Story about: love and hate, revange, betrayals

On Hold: 12 May 42 pages
4449 209

Rating: 40

#3681 in Romance
#528 in Romantic suspense
#1218 in Billionaires


Deadly Poison

Pratiksha Routray

Everyone has heard of the Godfathers the definitive representation of what it is to be an Italian Mafioso, from the dusty mountainside of Sicily to the posh New York avenues. Lombardi and Romano family are the prime example of this. They did not do anything to be proud of; they started off from sm... more info

Story about: the battle

Ongoing: 18 Feb 352 pages
7623 162

Rating: 23

#102 in Thrillers & Suspense
#16 in Crime fiction
#1233 in Romance
#88 in New Adult & College


The Black Dahlia

Pratiksha Routray

Gabriella Sanchez is a badass boss babe with a tragic past. Instead of wallowing her life away like a damsel in distress she decided to take it by its horns, running the show in a dark industry where women are almost non-existent in positions of power. She is on a quest to avenge the dark forces ... more info

Story about: betrayal, secrets, hatelove

On Hold: 10 Jun 206 pages
7758 198

Rating: 40

#573 in Mystery
#170 in Romantic mystery
#596 in Thrillers & Suspense
#135 in Crime fiction



Pratiksha Routray

Twenty-two-year-old Athena Paulsen’s life is a never-ending tragedy, but on the surface everything seems fine. A fine daughter, dependable sister, successful entrepreneur and renowned doctor. She is the envy of the town. But if you pull the curtain called skin and peep a little deeper you will see... more info

Story about: betrayal, secret, lovehate

Complete 508 pages
94075 1006

Rating: 164

#768 in Romance
#116 in Romantic suspense
#364 in Billionaires

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