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Qurat Ul Ain Shahzad



Posted: 09.02.21 13:18:37

Assalam o alaikum beautiful people! HEIR OF MAFIA WORLD completed 3K views today.  This is unbelievable. Alhamdulillah immensely. Thank you so much everyone for giving this story a chance, for reading it and leaving comments that always encourage me to write better. To all my regular readers, this was not possible without you, thank you once again. I will upload new chapter soon and Read more...

Posted: 16.01.21 20:49:51

Holla beautiful readers! New chapter of story has been updated. I hope you like it. Do like and comment and support me to write better. Thank you to every single person who is reading this story, I am truly grateful to all of you. Go read the chapter and tell me how's it? Read more...

Posted: 04.12.20 09:31:15

Hola People!! So, u know my book "HEIR OF MAFIA WORLD", if u don't know please go check it. It's my first story so i need support and you guys can really help me by sharing your reviews. THANK YOU to all those who are reading my story and i request you guys to please appreciate my efforts through comments and reviews. It won't take much time of you, but for me it matters Read more...

Posted: 22.10.20 19:43:24

Hey guys, i am newbie here. I love reading and didn't knew that i would start writing one day. Please give me a chance to flourish myself. I need your support in this journey. Review my story and help me write better. All type of comments are welcomed, whether love or criticism. But i'd appreciate if you will be calm and patient with me.  Read more...
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